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Zombie Skittles: How Disgusting Is The Rotten Zombie Taste?

Zombie Skittles

Zombie skittles are a candy for the Halloween season. Mars Wrigley released this candy on Halloween 2020. It includes five fruit flavors and a rotten zombie flavor.

Many people are very excited about this new flavor of zombie skittles. Those who have tasted this flavor have said that it is really disgusting.

In this article, we will help you visualize the taste of rotten zombie candy. Then you decide whether to buy Zombie skittles or not.

What are Zombie Skittles?

Zombie Skittles is a new version of Skittles candy. This is a mix of candies specifically for the Halloween season.

It includes five fruit flavors with different colors. Orange is a petrifying citrus punch. Green is the mummified melon. Purple is chilling black cherry. Blue is the blackberry boogeyman. Red is a blood red berry.

Rotten zombies is the biggest difference between Zombie Skittles and Original Skittles. Skittles hides this new flavor in the five base colors of Skittles.

Zombie Skittles is a thrilling experience for your taste buds. You won’t know you’re going to ingest the rotten zombie flavor until you bite into it.

Zombie Skittles is a mix of candies specifically for the Halloween season
Zombie Skittles is a mix of candies specifically for the Halloween season

How Disgusting is the Rotten Zombie Taste of Zombie Skittles?

The “unpleasant” taste is the perception of those who have tasted it. But they didn’t imagine that the rotten zombie candy would taste like that. It’s really disgusting to some people.

The Rotten Zombie flavor lets you feel the Halloween atmosphere that is coming very close. The appeal of this new flavor made many people curious. They would like to experience it to enjoy a full Halloween season.

However, the taste of rotten zombies will be unpleasant or disgusting. It depends on the perception of each person. According to Skittles’ statement, this new flavor is truly terrible. When you eat a rotten zombie candy, you will feel like you are eating a rotten egg soaked in garlic juice.

The taste of rotten zombies will be unpleasant or disgusting depending on each person's feelings
The taste of rotten zombies will be unpleasant or disgusting depending on each person’s feelings

Some people think that the taste of rotten zombies has changed. When you start biting it. It tastes like rotten fruit.

When the candy melts in your mouth, it turns to the taste of meat again. This is a horrible change. The taste is really bad. So many people don’t want to try it.

When feeling the disgust of rotten zombies, everyone wants to wash it right away. But, there’s no denying that this flavor is really tempting for the Halloween season.

The ratio of rotten zombie flavor in a pack of zombie skittles is 1:9. Most skittles are fruit flavored. You will feel safe when you get a fruity taste. However, the rotten zombie flavor will make your candy eating experience more enjoyable.

Are Zombie Skittles not for the Faint of Heart?

Skittles designs rotten zombie pieces to look like fruit flavored ones. You won’t be able to guess which candy the disgusting taste is in. Only when you bite into it can you feel the discomfort of this taste.

Anxiety will appear when you reach into the pack of Zombie Skittles. You feel lucky to have picked a fruit flavored candy. When biting a piece of a rotten zombie, that person’s reaction is what we expect. Is the person really scared or disappointed to feel this disgusting taste?

This will be a fun smell experience for the Halloween season. Zombie skittles are only for those who are brave and dare to try. Anyone will be surprised and react strongly when experiencing this hilarious prank.

You won't be able to guess which candy the disgusting taste is in
You won’t be able to guess which candy the disgusting taste is in

The Best Zombie Skittles You Should Buy

1. SKITTLES Halloween ZOMBIE MIX Fun Size Candy

SKITTLES Zombie Mix is a fun way for adults to get in on the Halloween spirit! These 10.72-ounce bags of SKITTLES come with 10 different flavors: Cotton Candy, Strawberry, Watermelon, Chili Mango Infused Cola, Black Cherry Root Beer-flavored soft drink, Strawberries, and Crème; as well as those that are Halloween themed: Frankenberry, Count Chocula (both chocolate bowls of cereal turned into candy bars), Whopper Apple Pie and Swamp Gatorade – which tastes like grape fused with cherries.

2. Zombie SKITTLES Share Size Halloween Candy

Sweet and sour, fabulous flavors of orange tango, black cherry blast, red berry punch, and other delicious candies encased in a bright-green synth candy shell. Oops! There’s also some rotten pumpkin who has one green eyeball dangling from his head. One bite will taste like a walk through the graveyard with all the zombies popping up at dusk to get a yummy snack!

Packaged in six 3.6 oz (100g) bags with mesh tops for easy dispensing during your Halloween celebration or as part of your kids’ trick-or-treat bag on Oct 31st. Have fun getting eaten by these mischievous Zombie Desserts this holiday.

Frequently Asked Question

1. Are Zombie Skittles gross?

Skittles couldn’t figure out what “rotten zombies” tasted like. But the brand told customers it would be “absolutely disgusting”. Each person will perceive the taste differently. You’ll know it’s ‘rotten’ when they get it.” We believe it will be a memorable experience with this awful taste.

2. What is the taste of Skittles Zombie?

Skittles first released Original Skittles in 2019. Come Halloween 2020, a new version of Original arrives. Each pack of Zombie Skittles includes a combination of five fruit flavors. They are Petrifying Citrus Punch, Mummified Melon, Boogeyman Blackberry, Chilling Black Cherry, and Blood Red Berry.

Interestingly, Skittles mixed a “rotten zombie” flavor into those five fruit flavors. You will clearly feel the taste of Skittles Zombie when you bite it.

3. What are the ingredients in Zombie Skittles?

Although the taste of rotten zombies is very unpleasant. But you can rest assured because the ingredients of zombie skittles are very safe. Its basic ingredients are the same as original skittles. Materials of zombie skittles include:

  • Street
  • Corn syrup
  • Hydrogenated palm kernel oil
  • Natural and artificial flavors
  • Sodium Citrate
  • Carnauba Wax

Zombie skittles will be a fun candy experience for the whole family during Halloween.


In this article, we have helped you get a taste of the hard taste of rotten zombies. We believe that zombie skittles are a perfect choice for the Halloween season.

Either way, the taste is the most authentic feeling. Let’s enjoy the thrill and anxiety with zombie skittles with family and friends.

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