9 Best Woks for Gas Stoves (2021 Reviews & Buying Tips)

Best Woks for Gas Stoves

The best wok for gas stove is a versatile cooking utensil that can help you quickly whip up some delicious fried rice, stir-fries, vegetables, and more. The best thing about the wok is that it gives food a nice char on the outside while allowing it to be cooked through perfectly on the inside.

For this reason, many people prefer using a wok over other frying pans or pots because of its ability to sear meat and vegetables at high heats without overcooking them.  However, with so many different types of woks available these days, choosing one can be tough. It’s important to consider your specific needs before making any purchases in order to ensure you get the right product for your kitchen!

The wok for gas stove is one that will fit properly and securely on the burner, have a wide enough cooking surface to comfortably cook ingredients without spilling over, and be easy to clean. A sturdy handle that can take high heat is also important for safety.

This write will provide a detailed review of the best wok for gas stoves. It will include a list of all pros and cons, as well as a comparison chart to help you make an informed decision on which one is right for you. If you’re ready to take your cooking skills up a notch, then this article is perfect for you!

List Of 9 Best Wok for Gas Stove Reviews

1. YTFGGY Wok Pan for Gas Stoves

  • Bring the taste of Asia to your backyard with this carbon steel Chinese wok. Look no further than old-school stainless for this versatile cooking implement that is perfect for quick stir-fries, steaming sticky rice, or making baby omelets. Our carbon steel Wok Pan is made from heavy-duty black carbon steel and high-grade wooden handles make it easy to hand wash when dirty.
  • The YTFGGY 12.6 inch Carbon Steel Wok is made of high-quality, heavy-duty black carbon steel! Unlike other cheap pans that are pick shoveling, wears resistant, and pressure-resistant this solid wood handle won’t get hot or burn your hand when cooking up a storm in the kitchen. The Non-stick coating means the wok is easy to clean which will save you time while preparing dinner for your family!
  • Built with strong carbon steel material, this wok is both durable and rust-resistant. A wooden lid and Wok Spatula will give you flexibility and dexterity in your cooking techniques.

2. Yosukata Carbon Steel Wok Pan

  • The best pan for Asian cooking, including Chinese stir-fries. You can now cook authentic Chinese dishes using our pre-seasoned carbon steel pan!
  • Woks are traditionally designed to cook with high heat due to their rounded bottoms which reflect the gas burners underneath, not unlike spending time on the stovetop. Our pre-seasoned carbon steel wok is non-stick and easy to clean. Round bottom design locks that authentic taste into your dish!
  • Pre-seasoned, requiring no additional oil for prolonged seasoning, this authentic Chinese cooking utensil is also great for stir-frying all manner of foods. Stir up a culinary feast with this trusted 14-inch carbon steel wok pan.
  • The Yosukata 14″ pow wok is perfect for any cooking technique that requires caramelizing meats and veggies over high heat. And with its unmatched ergonomic design–including handles made from durable wood-the steel wok is really comfortable to use too!

3. Souped Up Carbon Steel Wok

  • Not only is carbon steel one of the most preferred cookware in Asia because it automatically distributes heat evenly for perfect cooking but it also has none of the health hazards like other metal cookware in which you can develop contact dermatitis or irritations when cooking or washing your hands thereafter.
  • Carbon steel woks for gas stove are durable with a food-grade nonstick coating so they won’t damage easily. The tempered glass lid allows you to see your dish while it cooks and the silicone handle offers protection while strong stainless steel handles are strong enough to be grabbed while wearing oven mitts.
  • This wok has a thick non-stick coating for mess-free food preparation and features an aluminum body that evenly distributes heat from electric, induction, and gas stovetops so every dish turns out just right.

4. Mammafong Round Bottom Carbon Steel Wok Pan

  • The Mammafong Round Bottom Carbon Steel Wok Pan is a family’s favorite because it can adjust to make anything from fried rice for 3-4 people, to deep-frying chicken fillets and sauteing fajita vegetables for that reliably large satisfying meal you crave after a long day of work or school! This workhorse wok for gas stove was built to last and withstand consistent use.
  • Hand-hammered pow stove wok creates a healthy non-stick cooking surface and is perfect for gas stoves. Created by our team of master craftsmen in Guangdong, China, each Chinese wok has a unique design that will help you create delicious dishes.
  • Health-conscious design is free from harmful chemicals and has a nonstick surface that will become naturally nonfit with use – meaning that you’ll need less oil during cooking to keep your dishes healthy. We have polished the food surface for easy release after washing too.

5. Bielmeier Wok Pan 12.5″

  • The features you’ll love about this item are: it’s sturdy design that contains heat evenly and a fully-immersive carbon steel cooking surface that elevates flavors.
  • The carbon steel construction will cook your favorite stir-fries, fried rice dishes and other savory bests without sticking or burning to the bottom of the pan like nonstick pans can. This wok for gas stove also includes a metal dome-style cover that allows you to steam vegetables while cooking meat at the same time.
  • It’s easy to clean up after using this heavy duty product; simply hand wash it in warm water and mild soap for continued use throughout your kitchen needs! You can use it on an electric or stovetop stove, but the latter may require additional heating element because this product does not have its own heat source.

6. Willow & Everett Wok Pan – Non-Stick Stainless Steel Stir Fry Pans

  • Stir fry pan in 13-inch offers a wide and deep nonstick surface that is perfect for cooking any meal. Heat evenly, quickly, and efficiently with the wokpan made from heavy duty stainless steel. With an aluminum core, electric or gas cooktop at home with these healthy stir fry pans designed by our Chinese.
  • Willow & Everett is a housewarming present for anyone moving into a new apartment or just looking to upgrade their cooking adventures. Not only does the Willow & Everett wok pan come with a removable dishwasher safe non-stick ceramic adobe, but it also comes with bamboo handle spatula and stainless steel dome lid. This pan helps make healthy cooking easier as well as faster by helping you cook larger servings of food at once before transferring them to the dining table without ever dirtying another saucepan!
  • If cooking for more than one person has you huddled over the stove or worse, fighting to find just enough room in the kitchen, then it’s time for a solution. A 13-inch domed lid and bamboo spatula are just what you need!

7. COOKLOVER Nonstick Woks And Stir Fry Pans

  • The best of both worlds -non-stick coating and scratch resistant German GREBLON C3+ PTFE marble. Made with durable aluminum that is 3.5mm thick, allows for the perfect cookware weight for even heat distribution while ensuring your food gets cooked evenly.
  • The interior and exterior are coated by high performance non-stick German GREBLON C3+ PTFE marble coating which makes cooking much easier, using less oil to make recipes healthier, and making cleaning a breeze! Safe up to 220℃ -280℃ you’ll never need another pan in your kitchen again!
  • The Nonstick Woks And Stir Fry Pans Die-cast Aluminum Scratch Resistant 100% PFOA is a great way to cook with little oil for healthy diet.
  • A nonstick wok for gas stove with a high-temperature performance, scratch resistant surface that is safe for use with any cooking method. This gorgeous wok comes in two sizes – 24 inches and 14 inches to fit whichever size of home or restaurant dish you are working with. The die cast aluminum material allows it to heat up quickly while the combination of PFOA free finish, safe ergonomic design, horizontal glass lid make this an excellent addition to your wok collection!

8. Lodge Pro-Logic Wok with Flat Base and Loop Handles

  • Cast-iron cooks just right – hits that sweet spot between too much and not enough, without becoming so brittle it’s going to cook your ears along with the eggs. It’s also pre-seasoned with 100% natural oil, so there’s no need for a chore in front of cook time!
  • The Lodge Pro-Logic Wok is a must have for your kitchen. The large handles and flat base make it very user friendly, while the pre-seasoned surface provides unmatched heat retention and even cooking. Use this versatile pan to sear meats or use as a roasting or baking dish on your gas range, under the broiler of an oven, over a campfire, in the oven itself – any way you can imagine!
  • It has superior heat retention so you’ll never scorch anything again: just put some oil on the bottom and simply wait for it to start smoking before adding meat. With its versatility, ease of use and lifetime warranty we’re positively confident that you’ll love everything about this wok!
  • This 14 inch Lodge Pre-Seasoned Black Cast Iron Wok with Flat Base and Loop Handles can do anything from making rice to stir frying. And with its unmatched heat retention and even heating, it’s the only thing you need in the kitchen. And now they’re pre-seasoned with 100% natural vegetable oil that provides a protective barrier for those hard working surfaces as well as bringing up all that delicious flavor!

9. KYTD Carbon Steel Wok

  • Reflecting the fiery heat of the kitchen stove and giving food all over its hearty flavor is a beloved staple in kitchens around the world.
  • With stylish fish-scale detailing that reduces sticking, heavy-gauge carbon steel that conducts blazingly fast heats, and a riveted handle for comfortable maneuverability, this wok makes novice firestarters feel like seasoned professionals overnight! Plus it has one flat bottom design with no “hot spots” whatsoever – perfect for any type of stove or hob available.
  • The wok for gas stove is made from quality carbon steel and heavy body, making it heat up fast and last long. Its riveted handle offers a sturdy grip that enhances the cooking experience, while its flat bottom ensures even frying or cooking throughout. With all these features, this unique wok delivers healthy and safe results every time!

What Features to Look for When Buying Woks for Gas Stoves?

Some people like to use woks for gas stoves. They are easier to cook on because they give you the control of heat distribution by sliding the pan around the burner (it’s probably why you should never cook with a cheap wok). But not all woks made for electric stoves can be used on gas stoves. You have to make sure that your chosen wok is compatible or it will just sit in your cupboard and gather dust eventually. There are 9 major things to look out for when buying a wok for use on a gas stove:

Heat Distribution

Just like when using a wok on an electric stove, the heat should distribute evenly across the pan for maximum cooking output. If it doesn’t, you can expect your food to be either raw or burnt in some spots. So when buying a wok for a gas stove, make it a point to use all burners available in your range to see if there are any hot spots because these might just ruin the dish that you are trying to cook. Also, look for this feature in different brands of woks so that you can compare them and find out which one will give you the evenest heat distribution.

Size of Wok Handles

You would want to choose one with a long handle so that it won’t be difficult to move the wok around. Also, you should take note of how well the wok is balanced even though there is a long handle. If it feels heavy on one side, then that might mean the pan will not sit flatly on your burner and could cause crowding or spilling when cooking.


It would be best to choose a thick-walled wok as those can better withstand high temperatures from the intense heat from gas stoves which could warp thinner pans if not careful enough. Thicker pans are made from rolled steel which makes them more durable than other types of metals for this type of cook. Some gas ranges also have thick heavy-duty cooking grates which could also warp the wok. So be careful when choosing your pan or ask your store if it can withstand high heat from different types of gas stoves.


Carbon steel, stainless steel, and cast iron – carbon steel gives you the most perfect heat distribution that gives your food a great wok hei, but it is also the most sensitive to rust. A quick tip on how to keep it from rusting: just wipe them down with cooking oil before storing them away after use and they will be good as new every time you pull them out of storage. Stainless steel on the other hand is sturdier than carbon steel but not as “sticky” as its counterpart so food tends to stick on this type of pan unless seasoned properly. And lastly, cast iron has a tendency to break or crack easily which makes it difficult to maneuver around gas flames very even when lidded so this type of pan might be a better choice for a quick stir-fry.


Wooden, hollow and stick – the wooden handle is best for high heat as it will not conduct heat like metal ones. Also, they are easy to grip even with wet hands. If you prefer a longer handle, then you might want to consider this option since these types of handles can be quite long. If there’s one thing that needs improvement about wooden handles, it would be that they usually look unattractive which makes them less aesthetically pleasing than their counterparts (I personally find wood too earthy).

Another type of handle is the hollowed-out kind which is found in many cast iron pans including Le Creuset cookware. These are great because after your pan cools down, warm can be used inside the handle to keep your hands from burning. And lastly, we have the stick handle which can be found in many carbon sheets of steel and cast iron woks and is quite common among seasoned wokers for their easy maneuverability around the stove.


Carbon steel, stainless steel and cast iron – lightweight pans are easier to lift with wet hands (and not get burned!) compared to heavy-duty ones but they might also require more heat to cook your food since it can be difficult to transfer enough heat when cooking especially if you have a small set-up burner. Heavier pans on the other hand work well with low flames so you save fuel by cooking slowly. So depending on how much time you spend in front of your range, choose one that works for you.

The Cooktop

There are two main types of gas stoves available today: open-flame and sealed burner stoves. The open flame stove is the type that you usually find outdoors while a sealed burner one is your typical kitchen range which has a large flat cooking surface with a cover to contain heat, allowing for better control over the flame.

Nonstick Coating

This type of coating is meant for high-fat cooking which means that you will have a hard time stir-frying on this kind of pan unless you skip oil altogether. You can try deep frying in this kind of pan, however, it would be best to buy the more traditional carbon steel or cast iron woks instead. Most nonstick woks are also dishwasher safe but the same problems with hot spots might occur if not properly seasoned before use so I wouldn’t recommend using it on gas burners. Furthermore, some reports say that the fumes given off by nonstick coatings are toxic and harmful to your health when exposed for too long so pay attention when doing your dishes!

The Lid

The lid can be made of several different materials including metal, glass, and ceramic. Metal lids are the most common among carbon steel and cast iron woks since these types of pans usually come with a flat metal top which provides a good seal to trap the steam in when cooking. Glass lids on the other hand work best for stir-frying while ceramic ones are probably better for steaming although it depends on what you’re planning to do with your wok. The downside about glass lids is that they will shatter if dropped so make sure to handle them carefully especially if this is your only lid!


The cost of a wok varies from one brand to another but normally it should range from SGD$30 to SGD$250 depending on the kind of material used and if it comes with a set or not. Carbon steel woks are usually cheaper since they’re made from a thinner metal alloy (so they lack that heft) but there are also pricier models that come with thick bases for even cooking. Cast iron woks, on the other hand, are more expensive due to their thicker construction which is great at maintaining heat longer although you might find carbon steel’s food taste better (lighter).

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Will a wok work on a gas stove?

You can place your wok directly on the metal grid of a gas stove. But, if you find that it’s shaking and making noise while frying foods such as veggies or meats in oil then check with your manufacturer about purchasing an “adapter” designed specifically for use with electric stoves so they may have more stable heat distribution around their cooking surface at all times!

2. What is the best wok to use on a gas stove?

The Craft Wok Traditional Hand Hammered Carbon Steel Pow Wok is the best choice for any gas stove. This wok has a round base and long handle to give you better control while cooking, without costing too much money or making your hands sore after using it all day!

3. What should I look for in a wok?

A carbon steel wok is the only way to stir-fry a delicious and healthy meal. It should be at least 14 gauge, about two millimeters thick so that it won’t bend when you press on its sides during the cooking time for best results! Avoid nonstick surfaces because most of these coatings cannot handle the high heat necessary in stir-frying which can lead them to melt away resulting in an unsafe dish before your eyes (not very appetizing).

4. Can you use a stainless steel wok on a gas stove?

The best pots and pans for cooking on a gas stove are made from stainless steel. It provides the necessary heat conductivity, while also working well with other types of food such as aluminum or copper-based ones; it has an almost magical effect when used properly in combination! The following sets come pre-packaged so you can cook up all sorts of delicious meals without worry: Cookware 9 Ply Clad Stainless Steel 15 pc Set – This affordable set includes everything needed to create fine dining at home including inviting presentation dishes  & platters.


With so many woks available to buy, it can be hard to choose the right one. We’re here to help you find your best option for a gas stove with our guide! The key things we recommend looking for in a wok are that it has at least three layers of metal and is made from heavy-gauge aluminum or stainless steel.

These materials will allow heat transfer without warping over time like other less durable metals such as copper and iron do. Finally, make sure you look for models with long handles on either side because this makes flipping food easier than if there were only short handles on the sides of the pan.

After reading this article, we hope you feel more confident in your decision to buy a wok. We’ve shown how each one is different and what they can do for you. It’s time to take the leap and make the best choice for your cooking needs!

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