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17 Best Undercounter Ice Makers (2021 Reviews and Top Pick)

Best Undercounter Ice Makers

Do you want to make ice without taking up valuable counter space? If so, an undercounter ice maker is your answer! An undercounter appliance will work efficiently and quietly. It can also be stored in areas that are not suitable for other types of appliances.

Finding the best under-counter ice maker can be a challenge. There are so many factors to consider like how much space you have, the size of your family, and what type of features you need.

Check out this blog post for more information on the best undercounter ice makers available today! The article will cover important features such as size, storage options, and noise level in addition to a buyer’s guide with helpful tips about the different types of machines available.


What is an Undercounter Ice Maker?

An undercounter ice maker is a device that produces cube-shaped ice and stores it in an insulated box or bin. This type of ice maker comes with a reservoir for storing water, and the whole unit sits on the floor underneath your kitchen countertop. It’s called an “undercounter” because it doesn’t have to be hung from the ceiling as some models do. The most common reason people buy this kind of ice maker is to solve storage problems in their homes or restaurants by taking up less space than other types of ice makers. They also don’t require any installation, just set them up and turn them on!

Types of Undercounter Ice Makers

There are three main types of undercounter ice makers: bin, pan, and bucket. They all produce the same kind of ice cubes that you’re used to seeing in your home or restaurant freezer.

Bin-Style Undercounter Ice Makers

Bin-style ice makers store their finished product in a removable storage bin. You have the option of purchasing bins with lids that provide extra protection for your ice cubes from light and humidity to extend their longevity. Larger models can hold up to 300 pounds of cubed ice at once, while smaller ones often top out at about 100 pounds. All models require electricity to run and are best suited for light commercial use in applications such as convenience stores, restaurants, hospitals, and more!

Pan Style Undercounter Ice Makers

Pan-style ice makers store their ice in a removable stainless steel pan. This kind of ice maker is ideal for locations where you need to produce a large amount of ice but don’t have the floor space to hold it all. Plus, these models also have wire baskets that allow for easier removal and replacement of water trays when they get full. Also an excellent choice for light commercial use such as convenience stores, restaurants, hotels, and more!

Bucket Style Undercounter Ice Makers

Bucket-style undercounter ice makers look like a mini-refrigerator on the floor beneath your kitchen countertops. They are designed to keep their large capacity insulated bin inside cool so you can enjoy fresh ice whenever you’d like! Some models even come with a dispenser that allows for hands-free access. This is the perfect choice for use in full-size restaurants, hotel kitchens, and other heavy commercial ice-making applications!

Benefits of Undercounter Ice Maker

Undercounter ice maker is a popular choice because of its incredible benefits. These are the top four benefits.

  • The machine is large in capacity, so it can store and make a lot of ice quickly. The Undercounter Ice Maker can make up to 550 lbs of ice per day, while the bin can hold 350 lbs at a given time.
  • It’s designed to make your business easier. This machine makes it easy for you to run your restaurant, bar, coffee shop, hotel, KTV, supermarkets, and bakeries to have ice storage cabinets that can store large quantities of ice. It is easy,… to make beverages and cocktails.
  • It is very easy to use. The Undercounter Ice Maker requires only one permanent fixture to be installed. The majority of Undercounter Ice Makers can be run continuously until they are full.
  • Health aspects: The majority of Undercounter Ice Makers have a few safety features built-in, including the water filter. The filter purifies your tap water and removes any harmful chemicals. The ice cubes made from Undercounter Ice Maker are healthier than those from a plastic tray.

List of 17 Best Undercounter Ice Makers Reviews

1. Euhomy Stainless Steel Under Counter ice Machine

  • Euhomy Stainless Steel Under Counter Ice Machine is perfect for large families. The stainless steel 25lb bin, which holds up to 12-25 lb bags of cubes, together with the high power compressor – up to 100lbs per day and .6 cubes per minute and over 3 hours run time on a full tank of gas – make it a great investment choice.
  • The Euhomy Commercial Ice Maker Machine opens up a thousand opportunities for the home chef, restauranteur, or bar owner to have an ice supply on hand wherever they need it! You can have this machine anywhere from your Home/Indoor Kitchen/Outdoor Kitchen to Restaurant/Bar/Hotel because the stainless steel exterior prevents sweating and fading while catering to your specific needs. This includes safety features including overflow detection and automatic shut-off as well as a commercial approval with ETL certification so you know it adheres strictly to industrial standards.
  • Euhomy’s Stainless Steel Under Counter Ice Machine is equipped with a smart LCD panel. Any function and any operation can be solved in the control panel. The panel shows the temperature of the environment, reminding you to pay attention to the temperature of the surrounding environment to ensure the efficiency of ice making. You can adjust the size of water cubes by adjusting the setting for the time allotted for ice production.

2. ADT Ice Machine Stainless Steel Under Counter Freestanding Commercial Ice Maker

  • The ADT Stainless Steel Under Counter Freestanding Commercial Ice Maker is the best choice for any restaurant, café, or office with an ice machine. It’s made from commercial-grade stainless steel and has corrosion-resistant materials that are designed to give it a long life span.
  • This best undercounter ice maker also includes programmable features to help you adjust when it will stop making new ice. That way your supply of ice doesn’t run out while business is booming! If there ever were any issues with this potent commercial-sized machine, our customer service department is always available to answer your questions on the spot and make sure they can get the problem resolved quickly.
  • With its 45 clear cubes per cycle in just 12-18 minutes, this iced maker does a great job at providing up to 100 pounds of ice each day so you don’t have to worry about running low again. The adjustable feet keep it off surfaces and humidity or water from getting into the machine. Grab ahold of our professional commercial iced maker today before someone else beats you to it!

3. VEVOR 110V Commercial Ice Maker 200LBS/24H, Stainless Steel Under Counter Ice Machine

  • The VEVOR 110V Stainless Steel Under Counter Ice Machine is the perfect addition to any bar, restaurant, or catering hall. Powered by a 480W brand compressor and made with food-grade components, this stainless steel commercial ice machine will give you high-quality ice. Different thicknesses serve different purposes – compare your need and pick which side of 11″x11″(27cm) block of ice would benefit more from this product.
  • With ice production of up to 90 kilograms and 100-pound storage space, you’ll never run out of ice again. This ice maker offers an operation cycle time between 10-13 minutes. The fast yet efficient performance will produce various thicknesses (from 1/4 inch to 19 inches) depending on your needs. The stainless steel exterior and food-grade PP liner make it easy to use and clean!
  • The 200LBS/24H undercounter ice maker comes equipped with a practical operation panel that integrates multiple functions and you can adjust the thickness of your ice by either increasing or decreasing granulated time on the machine. This commercial ice maker will provide you with fresh cubes to cater to your customers’ needs. Furthermore, this product contains features such as full-service shut-off, automatic clean systems, and an accurate gauge that allow for precise adjustments.

4. Smad Portable Commercial Ice Maker Under Counter Built-in Ice Maker

  • The Smad Portable Commercial Ice Maker Under Counter Built-in Ice Maker is a great solution for all of your ice production needs. From under-counter installation to being able to produce up to 12 pounds per day, this appliance won’t disappoint. It’s designed beautifully and with practicality in mind, so it’ll fit seamlessly into your kitchen (sink plumbing fixtures notwithstanding).
  • It’s the perfect under-counter unit for commercial establishments, featuring front venting for built-in installation, a reversible door for left or right-hand swing and it even operates as a freezer! Easily connect the tube (supplied with the ice maker) to the cold water source and enjoy a bunch of crescent-shaped ice in no time.
  • Equipped with a front venting system, the SMAICM brings built-in installation into modern kitchens. The reversible door swings either left or right for your preference and ensure no loss of space in tight environments. When paired with one of our many sinks, this unit becomes a complete countertop machine that will keep you entertained while cranking out up to 12 pounds per day of crescent-shaped ice cubes that store neatly in one 6 lb bin!

5. DUURA DI50P 65Lb Premium Clear Ice Cube Maker

  • If you’re looking for the best under counter ice maker that will produce clear restaurant cubes, this is the machine you need. Not many models on the market offer as much quality, and with our easy design, your installation issue is solved.
  • If you’re easily inconvenienced by not having enough space to store an extra freezer in your cramped home kitchen– don’t despair! Our innovative cube design means we have eliminated about 30% of the water weight, which allows us to be more efficient than most alternatives without sacrificing any ice quality or quantity.
  • The DURA DI50P is the most convenient and high-capacity ice maker on the market – featuring a 65lb batch capacity, 1 inch wide clear block of ice, and easy installation. With all that, it maintains an attractive price point for convenience stores, coffee shops, office buildings, or anywhere you need bulk quantities of professional-grade ice on demand!
  • Easily serve fresher drinks by making sure your water is chilled before putting it into your glass with this highly efficient machine’s revolutionary freezing technology. Operating without power from electrical outlets or compressors which can be unreliable under less than ideal circumstances; this freezer has transformed the production process into something even more reliable.

6. EdgeStar IB450SS 50 Lb. 15 Inch Wide Undercounter Clear Ice Maker

  • The Commercial-grade stainless steel door and ice bin on this EdgeStar IB450SS 50 Lb 15 Inch Wide Undercounter Clear Ice Maker makes it the perfectly low-maintenance way to produce fresh, clear ice. A reversible door lets your undercounter ice maker work with either right or left-hand installations.
  • Computerized controls allow precise water clarity & production control (up to 50 lbs/day); For freestanding or built-in applications, this commercial-grade refrigerator comes with a compact design that is easy to access and maintain. And don’t forget the included built-in, lock safe storage bin nearby!
  • The EdgeStar IB450SS is made from stainless steel so it will give you years of reliable service while producing enough relatively thin sheets of ice that won’t decrease drink size or cool temperature as quickly. Adjustable leveling legs are included to ensure maximum stability.

7. Sunpentown IM-60YUS (commercial grade) Under-counter Ice Maker

  • Though not as common in households, commercial-grade ice makers are a popular choice among many businesses. The Sunpentown IM-60YUS is an ideal option for restaurants, hotels, and resorts that have the space for a large under-counter ice maker like this one with its 1.05 gallon per day production capacity.
  • If you’re looking to economize on your electricity costs by properly cooling only what you need then this product could be a great investment. It makes use of innovative technologies that give it efficiency along with making machines quieter than competitors even when operating at full capacity during peak hours (i.e., usually rush time).
  • With its sleek, touchpad design and buttons, it’s easy to operate and maintain the machine. The IM-60YUS offers large cubes that are perfect for soft drinks as well as flavored water with fresh fruit chunks for on-spot kids’ treats or adults cocktails with everything from citrus pineapple orange ginger mint lime strawberry raspberry agave blueberry cassis iced tea lemonade etc. Life moves faster every day and this countertop makes life easier and cooler!

8. SMETA 15 Inch Wide Built-In lbs Undercounter Ice Maker

  • The SMETA 15 inch wide Built-In lbs Undercounter Ice Maker is the perfect addition to any home or restaurant kitchen. You and your guests will enjoy freshly made ice at an automatic rate of 12 pounds daily thanks to this ice maker’s efficient design.
  • The appliance features a reversible door for left or right-hand swing, scratch-resistant exterior coating, front venting for noise reduction, auto shut-off feature when it detects the bin is full, 40 – 50 minute cycle times per 24 hours, and an easy installation process featuring all necessary parts including a removable ice bin with a scoop included that stores up to 6 lb of ice.
  • Its sleek design has black stainless steel accents. Installation of this product takes only minutes, so you no longer have to always be on the go for ice. It comes with one scoop so you don’t have to fill your iced tea glass that often! Be sure not to forget about one more key feature: we’ll keep all of our precious memories safely stored in ice at -18 degrees Fahrenheit thanks to this amazing machine’s reversible door.

9. Sunpentown Ice Maker Premium Under Counter Compact Electric Freezer

  • The Sunpentown Ice Maker Premium Under Counter Compact Electric Freezer can make ice for you! This sleek and stylish machine is designed in black stainless steel. It has built-in front ventilation, making it perfect as a built-in application or to be used free-standing.
  • Comes with the capacity to produce up to 12 lbs per day of crescent-shaped ice, and comes standard with a removable bin that can hold 6lbs of iced. We recommend this appliance for those summers full of family barbecues, cool refreshing drinks, and all your entertaining needs by having an intensely reliable source of ice on hand at all times.
  • This futuristic-looking undercounter ice maker has all the qualities of more expensive, professional-grade appliances and is built to last. Come with a black steel design for easy installation no matter where you plan on placing it and a removable bin that can hold up to 6 lbs. of ice at a time.

10. Scotsman CU50PA-1A Undercounter Ice Maker

  • With the Scotsman CU50PA-1A Undercounter Ice Maker, you will produce gourmet ice affordably. The commercial-grade under-counter freezer is specially designed for catering supplies stores easily and is ideal for any under cabinet or bar application. This particular model comes with a professional control panel that informs about water conditions from inlet to outlet.
  • The equipment has been approved by UL to be used outside because of its durability and easy installation. It produces uniquely shaped, crystal clear ice that melts slowly in order to allow the flavors inherent in drinks to develop without dilution, thanks to innovative cooling system technology.
  • The CU50PA-1A is the perfect ice maker for any bar or commercial kitchen. The machine produces an incredible 150 pounds of gourmet ice a day, and you won’t have to worry about repairs from exposure to weather. With an easy-to light blue LED indicator panel that tells you about water conditions, this undercounter machine will suit your needs by eliminating slushy or cloudy ice and making it possible smoothie cocktails.

11. Whynter MIM-14231SS 14” Undercounter Ice Makers

  • Whynter’s under-counter freezer solves all problems with their MIM-14231SS 14” Undercounter Ice Maker – perfect for any home. You won’t encounter dripping water, inconvenient emptying of filters to maintain airflow, or clogged drain lines because this device doesn’t need installation and works independently from water connections.
  • The unit can store up to 12 lbs. of ice. You won’t have to worry about draining the unit, because there is no need when you’re using it – just scoop out your own cubes with its included ice scoop! Watch out though, this machine makes 23lbs. of crescent-shaped ice cubes per 24 hours!
  • It’s been crafted with high efficiency so you’ll save on operating costs like refills, cooling power, and time by going green with R134A refrigerant instead of CFCs (which many other units still use).

12. Manitowoc SM-50A 14 3/4″ Air Cooled Undercounter Ice Machine

  • This machine is as professional as you are- that’s because it was designed with your business in mind. It comes complete with a patented filtration system so you’re never worried about dirty ice ruining your drinks, and an LED light for easy viewing of all those delicious goods, including choosing which one you want more! With built-in air circulation, this thing cools off soon enough without spoiling any of the flavors or giving anyone heat stroke.
  • The Manitowoc SM-50A ice maker is designed to be sufficient for small businesses that have a need for up to 50 pounds of crushed, cubed, or block ice daily. Finally, an easy way to make sure you always have clean and crisp drinking water!
  • This model is air-cooled with integrated water filters ensuring no product contamination can occur as well as scale inhibitor pellets which are included every 3 years – unless otherwise specified by the valuable customer.
  • A light in the bin helps make getting your cubes quicker than ever before! With an optional drain pump so you don’t even need to open cabinet doors each time it needs emptying (especially beneficial when cleaning).

13. KoolMore – CIM266 Undercounter Ice Maker Machine

  • The KoolMore is ideal for bars, restaurants, hotels, medical facilities, and any other location looking to produce ice on the go. Equipped with a large capacity and commercial-grade productivity this efficient undercounter ice maker will meet all of your needs with ease.
  • A compact, free-standing ice maker with a sleek design and see-through front window, is perfect for kitchens or bars looking to increase customer satisfaction. With fast production of up to 265 pounds of ice cubes per 24 hours and an automatic design equipped with a built-in LCD control panel for monitoring water/ice making functions, this professional grade product is guaranteed to satisfy your customers.
  • Rev up your cocktail service with an ice maker that produces 265 lbs. of cubes in 24 hours, and is easy to install so you can quickly serve refreshing drinks from a sleek machine. This undercounter unit has a front window, see-through panel, and automated controls which ensure fast production without the need for manpower. Engineering this commercial-grade product to be energy efficient means it will help you save on utility bills while producing ample quantities of ice cubes.

14. U-Line UBI98W00A Undercounter Crescent Ice Maker

  • Planning for events with the disabled can really reduce stress. With U-Line’s ADA-compliant crescent ice maker, no one will have to make an extra trip to find out who has a reciprocating saw. The innovative design is also reversible so that servers are not inconvenienced when flipping over lids or changing water filters and air filters.
  • The best undercounter ice maker emits 15-inch cubes at a rate of 3 pounds per hour in addition to providing soda, liquor, and produce injectors among other things. These additions will keep patrons well-fed and relaxed before they head home after their event.
  • The U-Line 98 watt crescent ice maker is designed specifically for ADA compliance, with a reversible door and easy slide-out access steps. Equipped with a 15-inch capacity ice cube tray, this machine can produce up to 26 lbs of cubes per 24 hours at -5 degrees Fahrenheit food-grade stainless steel core temperature. The commercial UL/CSA models are suitable for interior or exterior installation provided the required surface slope is 7% or greater.

15. PRIBCHO Undercounter Ice Maker

  • The PRIBCHO Undercounter Ice Maker makes ice at a power of 26 pounds per day. It comes with storage for up to 90 pounds of ice, and top-quality filters that last the lifetime of your machine. This is everything you need to provide ice for parties or hot summer days!
  • Everyone knows that it can be difficult to find ice on the go. That means for your convenience, PRIBCHO Undercounter Ice Maker is an essential kitchen appliance. With a freestanding design and automatic overflow prevention, you won’t have to worry about spills and other problems with under-counter installation. Make ice once or twice a day from any water source-direct tap water or just gallon-bottled-and don’t ever disappoint your friends again with less than perfect ice times!
  • It produces ice cubes at the perfect time, and they are just the right size. Even better, it can also clean itself so that you don’t need to give up precious counter space for an appliance with a gross build-up of gunk. The PRIBCHO ice machine has many different features like adjustments in size and thickness as well as an automatic cleaning function to advance any chef’s needs!

16. CROWNFUL Undercounter Ice Maker 100Lbs/24H

  • Crownful commercial ice makers are a great way to provide your customers with high-quality iced beverages. This robust and durable machine produces amazing ice in an amazingly efficient manner while minimizing noise. Choose from 8 different functions that will more than meet your expectations.
  • The Crownful is built with top-of-the-line imported compressors with the maximum performance output while also boasting excellent energy usage for one of the most cost-effective coolers around. Designed to be whisper quiet so as not to disturb those around during use, this machine runs steadily without sacrificing its production capabilities. With two different buttons for thicker or thinner serving sizes, there’s no need to fuss about what size may work best for your needs!
  • With 33 lbs of ice storage capacity, you don’t have to worry about running out of ice cubes. The commercial-grade machine is conveniently designed with an attached scoop for simple retrieval; it also has a quick connector and drains pipe for worry-free water transfer. So whether you need iced tea or cold drinks for your guests, this best undercounter ice maker will be sure to do the job!

17. Linsion Commercial Ice Maker Machine 100LBS/24H Freestanding Under Counter

  • The Linsion Commercial Ice Maker Machine 100LBS/24H is perfect for commercial use. Every single ice-making cycle only lasts 12-18 minutes, and the machine creates up to 45 crystal-clear ice cubes in each batch. The water usage rate is a very low 99%.
  • And with its quickness, ultra-low noise level, high efficiency of less than one liter of water used per batch, and energy consumption that can be controlled by two unique modes depending on the desired outcome: regular 1.1 kilowatts or eco 0.6 kW, this machine will offer you high-quality iced beverages at an affordable price!
  • This best undercounter ice machine is a must-have for any restaurant, café, bar, or office. It features easy installation and built-in safety protection measures to protect your sensitive valuables from water leakage issues.
  • With the control panel that makes it easy to adjust ice cube thickness and adds an automatic cleaning routine, it’s perfect for your busy kitchen staff. Compatible with a single path sanitary connection system (SPS), this reliable ice maker can produce up to 100 lbs of ice each day–keeping you on top of all your customers’ needs!

What is the Difference Between Portable Ice Makers and Undercounter Ice Makers?

You might consider a portable unit when researching ice makers. Many people believe that the portable unit is a smaller version than the undercounter model. But it’s not. We will discuss the differences between them in the next section.

Each machine has its own purpose and can be used in different situations. Let’s start with the most obvious: the size. Size is a sign of power when it comes to kitchen appliances and machines. Portable machines have a smaller ice cube-making capacity than traditional undercounter ice makers.

An average portable ice maker can produce around 30 pounds of ice each day. An undercounter unit, on the other hand, can produce twice as much ice as a portable unit. Portable units have one advantage. Because they are smaller, portable units fit easily on most counters and other places where space is limited.

Most of the time, you won’t need to do much other than assemble a portable unit. You don’t even have to do anything except turn the unit on. These units can be stored away when not in use. These units can be installed once and used as permanent fixtures in homes and offices. You may also need a dedicated circuit breaker for certain undercounter models as well as a water and drain line.

Ice storage is the next thing you should consider. Undercounter ice makers offer a clear advantage in this area. They can store varying amounts of ice in a tray and keep it cold until you need it. Portable models, however, lack storage capabilities. This would make them smaller and more portable.

When comparing these machines, the most important thing to look at is their ice-making capabilities. When choosing an ice maker, it is important to avoid insufficient capacity and the wrong type.

How to Install the Undercounter Ice Maker

Buying Guide for the Best Undercounter Ice Maker

Our buying guide will help you avoid making a mistake and ensure you get the best unit possible. This guide has condensed hours’ worth of research into a single reading resource. Knowing what to look out for will help you find the right unit for your needs. We will discuss the seven features you should be aware of in the next section.


As we’ve said, kitchen appliances can be sized. Undercounter ice makers are designed to fit in specific spaces. When measuring your space, be sure to account for the possibility of wires or tubes coming out of the machine.

The freezer can be placed in an enclosed space, but that is only one side. Another aspect is how much storage space the unit has. Ice is usually made in an insulated tray. It is then kept cool and fresh by the insulation. The amount of ice that can be placed in the tray will vary from one unit to another.

The ratio of smaller undercounter ice makers is usually 1 to 1. This means that they can store as much as the machine can make in 24 hours. However, larger models are less fortunate as they cannot hold half or less of their total capacity. This is especially true if they produce more than 60 pounds per day. These more powerful models have an automatic shutoff function that turns off the ice tray when it is full.

A standard ice maker, which takes approximately 20 pounds of ice per hour, can fit into a dishwasher that is smaller than the average. It may also fit in a dishwasher that is slightly smaller depending on the brand. This is enough to feed a family of four and a small circle of friends. This means that chilled drinks can be enjoyed all day.

Ice Quality

The quality of your ice depends on how much water you use and what machine you use. Water can pick up bacteria and impurities when it comes in contact with surfaces or air. This is why ice becomes opaque and not transparent. You can add a water filter to your undercounter ice maker. This will help purify the water and remove any sediment.

Even with a filter system in place, it is possible to not get perfect ice cubes. We will discuss the reasons in our FAQ section. First, let’s define a good ice cube. If you can see the ice cube disappearing when you place it in a cup, you know that you are using top-quality ice. Quality is like diamonds: clarity is key.

Next, these ice cubes must be strong enough that they are difficult to chew. Clear ice cube makers tend to be more expensive and come with a water filter. Last, but not least, they melt faster and will keep your drink chilled for twice the time as regular ice cubes.

The mold or evaporator used by the machine determines the shape of an ice cube. Clear ice cubes made of top-quality ice are known for their clarity. However, this doesn’t mean that they have a specific shape. The shape of an ice cube is a combination of a bullet, standard cube, crescent moon, nugget, or a specific style that was created by an ice machine manufacturer.

Ice shape is only used in drinks when it is crushed ice (see our top-rated blenders to crush ice article), or crunchable. This is a specific use for soft drinks and cocktails. Although smaller ice cubes chill drinks faster, they can also dilute drinks and alter the overall taste.

Cooling System

The type of condenser used to cool the coolant determines which cooling system is used for ice-makers. There are two main types of ice-making systems: water-based and air-based. Let’s start with the air-based system.

Air-cooled condensers require that the surrounding temperature be lower than the hot coils of the condenser. Vents or fans are used to circulate cool air through the condenser and thereby cooling it. These condensers must be free from obstructions in order to function properly. They can also produce additional noise from their fans.

Next, we will look at the water-cooled condensers. These condensers have an additional water line that provides cold running water. This water would then be used to cool the coils. This method is not practical so manufacturers prefer the air-cooled condenser for under-counter icemakers.


You will always have leftover water when making ice cubes. This is a sign of inefficiency in ice maker water consumption. You can’t leave that water sitting around because bacteria could grow and contaminate the water. Many undercounter ice makers have one of two options for draining their water. Some models, however, don’t need drains and only require periodic defrosting.

A gravity drain is the simplest choice. This gravity drain is great if your icemaker is within 2 feet of a standard drain. If you can connect the drain hose so it runs down towards the drain, this gravity drain will work well. The height difference means that excess water and condensate will flow to the drain using gravity alone.

If you find yourself in a situation where the drain is too far away or the hose doesn’t go down from the machine to drain, you will need a pump. This problem can be solved easily by an icemaker with a drain pump. The pump moves the water out of the unit through the drain tube and into the drain.

Although they are common, drain pumps with undercounter ice makers are not available in all models. This is why you should check the drainage system and verify that it is correct. You may need to purchase an external drain pump depending on your situation.

Water Supply

Water is the only thing you can’t live without. A dedicated water line is required for undercounter ice makers. This ice maker water line can be connected quickly using the tubes provided by most manufacturers. If you aren’t confident installing it yourself, you can always call a professional plumber.

These tubes are typically smaller than your average water line. Due to its small size, it is important to ensure that it is secure and doesn’t become damaged or ripped during installation. You can eliminate almost all household contaminants from your ice by having a separate water line.

Ice makers can be operated with water temperatures that are not below 45°F or above 85°F all year. Water pressure should be at least 15 PSI. Some ice makers may require a minimum of 30 PSI. For safety reasons, the water pressure should not exceed 80 PSI for most sub counter icemakers.


Maintenance is mainly done to prevent problems with undercounter ice makers. Inspection and cleaning are the most important aspects of maintenance. You must first inspect the machine’s interior. These areas could be in direct contact with bacteria, either through the air or your hands.

You should use a cleaner, even homemade, to clean the cooling elements. This will prevent bacteria from spreading and creating scales. You will find detailed instructions on how to clean each unit. After cleaning the insides of the icemaker, rinse it with clean water. Some models include a wash function built into the machine.

You should also inspect the electric connections to make sure that no wires are exposed, are not connected, or simply fried. If you have any doubts, consult an electrician.

Keep the condenser grill and condenser free from grease and other debris that could hinder their ability to do their job. You can do this with a non-corrosive cleaner. To remove any hard grime, you can either use a fine brush or a comb. You will need to clean or replace water filters in ice makers that use them, according to the manufacturer’s instructions.


Ice makers are not all created equal. Each ice maker is designed to meet different needs. The maximum number of ice cubes that can be made per cycle by an undercounter ice maker is a fixed number. We can calculate the total capacity of an Ice Maker by calculating the number of cubes that can simultaneously be made and the duration of the creation cycle.

The amount of ice made in 24 hours is the measure of total capacity. Smaller units can produce around 12 pounds of ice per day. The higher-end models can produce approximately 80 pounds of ice per day. We are now in the realm of standalone large-scale ice makers.

Factors such as the type and shape of ice can have an impact on how much ice is produced. The ice maker that is cheaper tends to be faster and produce more cubes per cycle. Higher-end models may produce fewer ice blocks per cycle. However, the tradeoff is better quality ice cubes, which don’t melt nearly as quickly, so you will need less.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Why are undercounter ice makers so expensive?

There are many factors that determine the price of your built-in ice maker. Some brands, such as Samsung and GE, have a strong reputation for quality products that carry more weight in pricing decisions than others do. Other models come with extra features like water filters or nugget ice capability which can also affect cost.

2. How long do undercounter ice machines last?

There are many factors that affect the lifespan of an ice machine. If it is used every day, rarely will a new model last more than 10 years since they usually grow old quickly and don’t have as much time to develop problems in their parts before breaking down altogether. The average life expectancy would be 4-5 years or within the warranty period depending on how well you maintain your equipment at home.

3. Does undercounter ice maker need a drain?

Yes, When it comes to disposing of water from your undercounter ice maker, you have two options: a gravity drain or an electric pump. Gravity drains pull the water down by their own weight and work well in most homes that are on level ground, but if yours is not then you will need a special type of vacuum breaker for safety reasons. The second option would be an electric pump which simply pumps the liquid out into someone else’s sink instead of relying solely on gravity; this may require some additional installation work depending on what kind of plumbing system your house has installed underfoot.

4. How far can ice maker be from sink?

This is a must-read if you want to make sure that the water in your ice maker continues flowing. Gravity drains are lower than drain outlets of the machine and can’t be more than 12 inches away from it… Otherwise, they’ll need to use pump drainage instead!

5. Are under-counter icemakers portable?

No. Ice makers are not portable. They are heavier than portable ice makers and slightly larger. They also have higher ice-making power than ordinary ice makers.


This blog post has offered some helpful insights into the best undercounter ice makers on the market today. If you’re looking for a unit that is energy-efficient, or if you want to find an option with plenty of storage space and without too much noise, then this article may have just what you need!

You can also check out our buyer’s guide at the bottom of this page for more information about how these machines work and which type might be right for your needs. We hope we’ve been able to help make your decision easier when it comes time to buy an undercounter ice maker by providing all the necessary details in one place. Thank you so much for reading!

Elizabeth Andjeski

Although Liz has graduated from working "gigs", you will still see her smiling face at our Plated Landscape Dinners in the summer. When she isn’t wearing one of her many Spice hats, she is at home “weeding” in her secret garden, giving a random stranger a ride home, or hanging with her husband Jed and growing daughter, Ava.

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