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9 Best Mushroom Mugs Reviews of 2021 You Should Buy

Best Mushroom Mugs

Mushroom mugs are a great way to brighten up your day. They’re perfect for coffee, tea, hot chocolate, and more! And they come in so many different styles – each one of them is unique. Whether you want something funny or cute or just looking for some decoration, there’s a mug out there that will suit your needs.

This is a blog post on the best mushroom mugs for coffee lovers. This article discusses what to look for when purchasing a mug, how you can reuse your current mugs with some simple DIY hacks, and the benefits of using porcelain over ceramic. I’ll also give you my list of favorite top picks!

List of 9 Best Mushroom Mugs Reviews

1. Arrow Designs Mushroom Mug

  • This ceramic mushroom-lidded mug resembles a REAL MUSHROOM. The mug is made of porcelain and holds up to 16 oz. It has an air-tight lid that you can use while drinking anything, but it’s great for coffee, tea, or other liquids.
  • Keep your coffee, tea, cocoa, or any hot drink warm with the Mushroom Lidded Mug. The lid prevents heat loss so you can stay warm while enjoying your drink!
  • For colder drinks like iced coffee or lemonade, this insulated tumbler keeps it cold up to 12 hours! Cute mushroom designs are sure to delight all ages. Comes packaged in a gift box for easy gift-giving and storage on the go.
  • Give your loved one this unique gift filled with creativity! Their friends will be surprised when they see their new favorite cup featuring this real-life mushroom artwork! This ceramic mushroom mug is dishwasher safe, microwaveable, oven-safe.

2. Rain House Tea Mug Milk Glass Coffee Mushroom Cup

  • This glass stein is handmade in California, where the craftsmanship is top-notch. Besides being made from only high-strength silica glass that has no toxic effects, it also includes a cute mushroom lid to serve you your favorite hot drink.
  • The porous design works well with any kind of soup or dish, and you can additionally use this for storage in your refrigerator when not using it as a cup. Whether you are having an afternoon tea date or just inviting friends over for coffee time at home, this mushroom mug will definitely become the spotlight of the evening!
  • The practical design for this mug allows you to put the tea strainer inside the cup and drink your hot or cold beverages without a mess. The handle is comfortable to hold even with a little hot liquid left in it. dishwasher safe, BPA free cups are microwaveable.

3. SuproBarware Mushroom Cocktail Glass Cup

  • The SuproBarware Mushroom Cocktail Glass Cup is a creative crystal glass that is perfect for use with any drink. These glasses are lightweight and comfortable to hold, so you can enjoy your favorite beverage at your leisure.
  • Fresh out of your creative mind, SuproBarware was created to provide you with an environmentally friendly alternative to plastic or Styrofoam cups!
  • Unlike other cups on the market, our glass cup is durable and won’t break during any foreseeable event. Pick up a few today for your next function so you never have to worry about being unprepared again!

4. Ohsail Cute Tea Mug Set Mushroom Teapot

  • The Ohsail Mushroom Tea Mug Set is a high-quality and attractive handmade teapot set. It comes in assorted colors, making it perfect for anyone who loves to match their kitchen decor or own style consistently.
  • The non-slip gripper on the base ensures you never have to worry about any spills happening too soon. And with its lightweight design of just 3 ounces, you no longer need to dread bringing your tea set along anywhere!
  • A lovely set of three cute animal-shaped mugs, soon to be some fortunate girl’s favorite item in her kitchen. The durable, heat-resistant glassware is not only esthetically pleasing but also practical; the wide mouth on the gently curved teapot makes it easy to refill water or add leaves while keeping fingers out of hot steam.
  • It even comes with a simple tray complete with a matching cup holder – perfect for setting your favorite tea accouterments neatly on countertops and tabletops while brewing your personal recipe at home or abroad!

5. New York Puzzle Ceramic Mushrooms Mug

  • Join the fun with this ceramic dishwasher and microwave-safe New York Puzzle Mug perfect for every traveler’s tea or coffee break. All jokes aside, this 15 oz. ceramic Jumbo Mugs are ideal for any time of day from feeling a little out at sea to restoring your mental strength after a long work week!
  • If you’re ready to take the plunge into autumn, then decorate your table with these quirky ceramic mushrooms. They’re dishwasher and microwave safe, so it’s easy to maintain their character charm without worrying about cracks or wrinkles. The set contains a limited edition 15oz jumbo mug illustrated by Adolphe Philip Millot which is 4.25″x5″.

6. SET IN STONE Mushroom Coffee mug

  • Eating breakfast or drinking coffee are some of the best parts of life. Eating mushrooms is good too, but your favorite part is only as great as your favorite mug. Keep it sturdy with this hearty 14-ounce stoneware mug that features an eye-catching carvove design on its front and handwritten engraving on the back.
  • This mug is made with handmade engraving and sand carved. It has the custom designs of fungi that are around Puget Sound, which are called Set In Stone mushrooms. This cup has distinct artwork that will not fade.

7. Uobettsly Portable Floral Print Ceramic Mushroom Mug

  • The Uobettsly Portable Floral Print Ceramic Mushroom Mug is the perfect gift for any friend or family member. This unique, high-quality mug has a lid on top allowing it to be used as both a coffee cup and teacup.
  • It was made with professional materials making it strong, watertight, wear-resistant, and durable. The simple yet elegant design of this mug will catch your eye while you are browsing the shelves in any store!
  • Here’s a mug that equals more than just coffee, giving you the perfect opportunity to start your day off right. From cold morning iced coffee to hot herbal tea in the evening; the ceramic novelty mugs can fit all of your snacking needs.
  • When not busy holding up your favorite brew, this mushroom mug doubles as an urn for flowers, adding extra spice and color for small apartments or dorm rooms at college.

8. ZMKDLL Ceramic Novelty Coffee Mushroom Mug

  • ZMKDLL Ceramic Novelty Coffee Mushroom Mug, the perfect Valentine’s Day gift for any coffee-loving recipient. A mug that captures the essence of simplicity and timeless yet modern style with its sleek shape.
  • The simple design is sure to complement any kitchen or office space while keeping memories close at hand due to precious photo emojis displayed on the sides of this uniquely shaped white ceramic mug.
  • This stylish, smiling white coffee mug will make an ideal potluck dishware addition because it is slightly taller than expected in both height and diameter (11oz), ensuring proper portioning each time you serve yourself your favorite hot beverage.

9. LookHUMAN Mushroom Garden Ceramic Coffee Mug

  • As one of the heaviest Mugs you’ll find, this 15-ounce behemoth will keep your drink hot for hours. And with its over 7″ high sides, it will hold just about any size cup or mug underneath so everyone at the table can get in on the marshmallow ears cocoa fix.
  • The ceramic mushroom coffee mug is versatile, both dishwasher and microwave safe. These heavy-duty Mugs are designed to last with a printed wrap-around image on the front. Keep your coffee hot all day long with our 15-ounce ceramic travel mug! Designed in the USA.


If you’re looking for a new mushroom mug to add to your collection, it’s important that you take the time and research what features are most important to you. We hope this article has helped break down some of these options and given you an idea of where to start in your search. Whether or not we’ve made our top list of the best mushroom mugs is up to personal preferences; however, we feel confident in saying there will be something on here worth considering!

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