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11 Best Mug Warmers of 2021: Reviews & Buying Tips

Best Mug Warmers

We all know how frustrating it can be when you come home from a long day of work and your coffee is cold. This is why the best mug warmer will make your life easier!

This post is all about the best mug warmer! I will go over what a mug warmer is, why you might need one, and how to make sure you are getting the right one for your needs. If you’re looking for an affordable but high-quality option then this post has something perfect for you!

What is a Mug Warmer?

A mug warmer is an electric or battery-powered device that keeps your beverages at a consistent temperature without becoming so hot they burn your mouth. They are designed to fit on the top of most coffee mugs. When you press the button, it heats up and emits enough heat so that by the time you have finished drinking your beverage, it will still be comfortably warm. You can now enjoy that hot beverage for much longer than if you just drank it as soon as it was done brewing.

List of 11 Best Mug Warmers Reviews

1. nicelucky Coffee mug warmer for desk

  • No one wants to drink cold coffee or warm milk at their desk. This is why we find nicelucky, a coffee mug warmer for those who want their beverages hot and perfect no matter the time of day. With 3 different temperature settings, you can choose what beverage you would like to keep warm.
  • Whether it’s water, milk, or your favorite Starbucks drink, this product will keep your drinks hot all day long! Stop drinking lukewarm liquids with the 15-watt heating element-we’ve crafted an all-in-one solution that won’t take up too much room on your desktop!
  • This beautiful product has been designed to maximize safety without compromising efficiency by including an auto shut-off function for peace of mind, while still having a classy aesthetic so there is no need to compromise style.
  • The 25W power means energy consumption remains low and the thermostat offers heat quickly so be sure not to get left waiting around even in frigid office temperatures! If you want a great item that will brighten up someone’s working day then this is certainly the choice you should make today.

2. Mr. Coffee Mug Warmer

  • Mr. Coffee Mug Warmer is the perfect product for any coffee aficionado who doesn’t want to go without their morning pick-me-up at work or on the go.
  • The 17-watt heat coil keeps drinks warm all day-even when you’ve forgotten to plug it in last night! Keep your favorite drink hot with this compact, lightweight model that also includes an easy-to-use on/off switch and cord wrap for convenient storage.
  • The perfect gift for anyone who’s always on the go, this best mug warmer keeps your hot coffee warm and waiting at just the right temp. The eight-hour automatic shutoff makes it perfectly safe to leave plugged in all day without worry, while the cord offers plenty of room to store when you pack up for work. Know that everything will be perfectly spoonable in the morning with the Mr. Coffee Mug Warmer!

3. VOBAGA Coffee Mug Warmer

  • When it is time for a steaming cup of coffee or tea, you can rely on the Vobaga Coffee Mug Warmer to have its job done. This lightweight and portable device comes with three temperature settings so you can choose how your drink will be best enjoyed.
  • With an auto shut-off function after working 4 hours, the best mug warmer has you covered no matter how long it takes for that perfect brewing at home.
  • Temperature control lets you set your standard drink preference within 5 degrees to get just what suits your tastes best while the LED power indicator lets you know at a glance when powering up or shutting down.
  • A product of high-tech polyimide materials, the coffee warmer is resistant to heat and fire. This spill-proof design avoids any damage that may happen, making cleaning a breeze.
  • The long-length UL power cord is not only more convenient but safe as well with its UL1026 certification. Backed with 100% satisfaction service from VOBAG, the VOBAG mug warmer has you covered all around. Keep what you love for longer, purchase today!

4. BESTINNKITS Smart Coffe Mug Warmer

  • BESTINNKITS Smart Mug Warmer is the only way you’ll be able to find your piping hot drink on a frozen winter morning without having to place it dangerously close to an open flame. Simply insulate your mug with this innovative vacuum insulation material and let the magic happen!
  • The BESTINNKITS Smart Coffe Mug Warmer is elegantly designed to keep your drinks warmer and safer than ever before. It features a safe, reliable, and waterproof design with an easy-to-clean heating plate that is covered with a layer of thermal conductive glass without security concerns for the occasional spills.
  • The best smart mug warmer has been tested by the FCC and UL certificated as well as backed by our 24-month friendly customer support giving you complete peace of mind when ordering this product. Celebrate special occasions like Valentine’s Day, Thanksgiving, Christmas, or other important days in style with the newest addition to your home decor.

5. Symani Coffee Mug Warmer

  • The Symani Coffee Mug Warmer is the perfect winter must-have to keep your coffee warm to the last drop! Featuring an automatic shutoff after 8 hours, our sleek and stylish electric cup warmer will not only look good on your desk but will also keep your coffee hot for hours. It has a water repellent design that makes it easy to clean too!
  • The Symani coffee mug warmer saves you from the never-ending warming-up process. Not only for mugs, but it is also great to melt small candles or tealights because it has a powerful 10W electric heating element with temperature control. Furthermore, just in case something breaks in the future, this best mug warmer comes with a lifetime warranty!

6. Misby Coffee Mug Warmer

  • This coffee mug warmer is the perfect way to maintain a coffee mug at its desired temperature, ensuring that your hot beverage stays warm throughout the day. It heats up within seconds of being plugged in and features a safe 120-140 degree Fahrenheit range, a comfortable 40-60 degree Celsius range for those living abroad!
  • Not only will your coffee stay warm without going over or under standard temperatures but it allows you to drink it any time – no need for waiting! Even when unplugged, the flexible plug will keep lit through microgravity technology until you return with another cup.
  • The Misby coffee mug warmer is the perfect size for any type of cup, keeping your beverage drinkable while working, reading, or taking a break. Keeping beverages hot all day can be part of your new work-from-home routine. The slim design takes up minimal desk space and outlets without overcrowding on-demand power or adding to your daily heating bill

7. COSORI Coffee Mug Warmer

  • The Cosori mug warmer is a high-tech device that can maintain your favorite hot drink at an ideal temperature for 8 hours. It features touch-sensitive controls and a precise digital display and warms to just the right drinking temperature.
  • Whimsically designed, this gorgeous piece of kitchen equipment will be the centerpiece of any coffee lover’s countertop. Modeled with European architecture in mind, its stainless steel exterior will keep things sleek as you style it up however you like!
  • Built with a food-grade stainless-steel 17oz mug, this warmer features a cool-touch handle, silicone grip sleeve for extra protection against hot surfaces, and its stylish brushed finish will complement any kitchen or office decor.
  • With built-in safety measures including high-tech PI film heating elements, you can be sure that your coffee will always remain between 76°F and 158°F without the worry of compromising their taste or wellbeing!

8. Dimux Coffee Mug Warmer

  • The perfect mug warmer to keep your coffee warm during those long work hours, this Mug Warmer is designed with an on/off switch so you’ll never have to come back and unplug it or worry about it heating empty cups. You can even set the timer for the warmth duration letting you return at just the right time.
  • The coffee warmer brings you the surprise of warmth at night. Just put your mug on it, and it will keep warm for 8-16 hours long. With indicator light to tell you when it’s working, so you can find your drink without turning on the lights in the middle of the night.
  • Coffee Mug Warmer is not just a simple tool to enjoy your favorite beverages but also can be sent as gifts to someone who has always been cared about by many people.

9. SEALON Coffee Mug Warmer

  • The SEALON Coffee Mug Warmer is the perfect product for those who need their hot beverage to stay heated. This device can still warm your drink even when it has cooled down over time, making sure you’re always able to enjoy the exact same flavor. It also works well on cold drinks; simply place your mug under the warming plate and watch that ice turn into steam!
  • This safe and sturdy coffee cup warmer features a compact design that helps maintain your beverages warm. The Sealon coffee mug warmer is made with high-tech materials that enable it to resist heat up to 280 degrees Celsius, which makes it the perfect choice for stainless steel cups, mugs, milk boxes, glasses, and whatever else you might drink out of.
  • Designed with an automatic temperature protection function powered by the temperature sensor and safety switch to avoid overheating or overheating breakage accidentally or fire risk without breaking this device by working only 4 hours.

10. BRUSIORI Coffee Mug Warmer

  • The BRUSIORI smart mug warmer is the perfect addition to any office or home environment. Easy to use, just plug in and put on! Ensure your coffee, tea, hot chocolate from going cold with this versatile cup warmer that has two temperature settings. Chill out with a refreshing beverage even when you’re far from your favorite spots!
  • The BRUSIORI Coffee Mug Warmer has an automatic shut-off function after continually working 8 hours to ensure your drink stays warm for as long as possible – no more needlessly throwing out coffee or tea.
  • It is one of the most difficult things that we have to do, and sometimes we forget even when it’s freshly made! It includes a glass panel and metal and plastic exterior so you won’t worry about water damage or other concerns.

11. welltop Coffee Mug Warmer

  • Keep your coffee warm and ready to drink in any situation with no worries. The Welltop mug warmer features five temperature modes so you can set the perfect temperature for you, and when not it use it switches off automatically after 8 hours! So if your office is too cold for hot drinks, our product will get the job done.
  • It features a simple design with just one button, perfect for taking along in your bag, which makes it easy to read the temperature settings. Just press the button gently and adjust to a higher or lower temperature mode accordingly to keep your favorite beverages warm all day long.
  • Designed for most cups and lids, the Welltop coffee mug warmer is suitable for home use or when you’re traveling abroad or driving around. When you buy it as a gift, we recommend putting flat-bottomed glasses (like loveliest) OR stainless steel cups under the top lid before warming up because it will help retain heat much longer than lids alone can do.

How to Choose the Best Mug Warmer for You

We have a wide selection of mug warmers, so you can pick the right one for your needs. Here are some features every good warmer should have:

Auto Shut Off

You don’t want to leave your drink on the warmer too long and get it burnt. An auto shut-off will prevent this from happening, so you can rest assured that your coffee will be perfectly warm at all times.

Fast Heating

A good mug warmer should heat up quickly and efficiently, so you won’t have to wait long for your cup of coffee. Having a fast heating element is important because nobody wants their drink to lose its warmth before they even have a chance to drink it.


A good mug warmer should be durable and waterproof. This way, you can enjoy your coffee in any environment without worrying about spills or accidents.


Many people like the convenience of a cordless cup warmer. You can put it wherever you want and not worry about how far away the outlet is; just make sure the item has an automatic shut-off so that it doesn’t overheat when unattended.


A safe mug warmer should have a low temperature, solid insulation, and a safe auto shut-off option.

Size Capacity

Different warmers have different size capacities to fit different-sized mugs. Make sure you choose one that fits your favorite coffee cup!


You can choose from many different styles of mug warmers so you can find the perfect match for your kitchen. Pick a style that matches your room’s decor and complements its appearance so it looks great on top of your countertop or desk!


A good warmer should have a warranty of at least one year. This way, you know you are getting a top-quality product that the manufacturer stands behind 100%.

Ease of Use

Make sure your new cup warmer is easy to use so it won’t turn into an annoyance. If you find yourself struggling with the controls or figuring out where to place your mug warmer on your desk or countertop, then consider another model.


There are many great warmers for different price points. Whether you’re looking to spend under twenty dollars or over fifty, there are options available! Some of our warmers even come with free shipping, so be sure to take advantage of this deal and save money on your purchase today!

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Are Mug Warmers just for Coffee?

The short answer is no, mug warmers are not just for coffee. They can be used to heat up any type of drink you want! You can heat up your hot chocolate or a nice cup of soup with a mug warmer. The uses for a mug warmer are pretty much endless and they will help keep that piping hot beverage at a safe drinking temperature the entire time you enjoy it. This is especially good news on cold winter days, when who really wants to wait for their drink to cool down? Not us!

2. Do mug warmers work well?

Mug warmers work very well. They are a simple-looking device, but they do a lot of heavy lifting in terms of keeping your drinks at a perfect drinking temperature for long periods of time. There’s nothing worse than having to drink an iced-over or boiling hot beverage. Nobody enjoys pain or discomfort while drinking their favorite morning, noon or night beverage!

3. Can you put metal on a mug warmer?

Yes, you can, as long as it fits comfortably on your mug warmer. Most mug warmers will hold a good-sized cup of coffee and some may even fit larger mugs. Make sure that your mug is not too hot to handle before using the warming function though. You don’t want to burn yourself!

4. Can you use a glass mug on a mug warmer?

You can use a glass mug with a heating pad, however, we encourage you not to do this. It is just too easy for the mug to slip and shatter when using the warming function. If your heart is set on using a glass cup, we suggest investing in one of our electric mugs that come with their own portable heater inside! These are much safer to use than trying to wrestle with an unsecured glass vessel.

5. Are mug warmers a fire hazard?

No, mug warmers are not a fire hazard. They are designed to use electricity safely and do not pose any additional fire hazards over other electrical appliances of this nature. Be sure that your power cord is not frayed or broken before using the mug warmer to avoid an electrical shock. Also, never leave your mug warmer unattended. If you need to walk away for some reason, unplug it first! It’s just common sense really… always be safe when dealing with electricity!


When it comes to finding the best mug warmer for your needs, there are a lot of options available. We’ve highlighted some of our favorites below in case you need help narrowing down your search. If none of these sounds like what you’re looking for, let us know and we can point out even more features that might be perfect for you!

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