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10 Best Gas Range with Convection Oven Reviews of 2021

Best Gas Range with Convection Oven

It’s hard to find the best gas range with convection oven. We’ve done all the research for you and found ten of the top-rated models! This stove has all of the features you need, including a powerful burner to boil water quickly! It also has an easy-to-clean surface, so cooking doesn’t become too difficult on busy days.

The ranges have many features that are important to consumers like low-temperature cooking, a large capacity oven, and easily accessible knobs. Check out this article for more information about my favourite gas range with convection ovens!

List of 10 Best Gas Range with Convection Oven Reviews

1. Cosmo COS-EPGR304 Slide-In Freestanding Gas Range with Convection Oven


  • Enjoy a large cooking space
  • 5 sealed burners for precise cooking
  • Convection oven for even cooking and more time savings
  • Easy to clean
  • Durable and long-lasting

The Cosmo™ COS-EPGR304 Slide-In Range is the perfect choice for those looking to turn a kitchen into an entertainment space. This freestanding gas stove includes five sealed burners that allow you the flexibility to cook from a low simmer all the way up to high heat.

The spacious convection oven provides 4.5 cubic feet of cooking space and utilizes better heating technology than older ovens, helping food cook evenly more quickly with less energy usage and even eliminates cold spots found in most conventional models.

The heavy-duty construction guarantees your range will last for years of hard use while delivering consistently delicious results each time you prepare a dish on it!

The Cosmo COS-EPGR304’s heavy-duty construction, which includes professional styling and a powerful 18000 BTU burner, will be perfect for any kitchen set-up. Adjust your cooking tools to fit the way you cook with this freestanding range cooker, which also has multiple oven controls and two sealed burners in addition to five other open top burners.

2. GE JGB735SPSS 30 Inch Freestanding All Gas Range with Convection Oven


  • Cook healthier, crispier versions of your favourite foods.
  • Shortens the cooking time because every minute counts.
  • Star-K Certified Sabbath Mode
  • Self-clean with Steam Clean
  • No preheating is required and it cooks more evenly with a rear fan to circulate hot air

GE has been an American top name in home appliances for over 125 years, and their sleek all gas range is no exception. Keep your kitchen sparkling with this GE JGB735SPSS 30 Inch Freestanding All Gas Range with Convection Oven.

Super quiet convection cooking makes it energy efficient while the Star-K certified Sabbath Mode keeps you from accidentally violating Jewish laws on certain days of the year. Plus, don’t worry about being too hot or having to preheat: Air Fry comes built-in so that only one burner is needed and there’s additional room in the oven for pizzas or baking a cake and more!

Pad your kitchen with another awesome range from GE. This one is tricked out with an air fryer, so you can cook healthier and crispier versions of your favourite foods quicker than ever before–no preheat required! It’s a gas convection oven that uses the rear fan to circulate hot air evenly for perfect browning every time, plus it also has a self-clean mode for light soils.

3. Frigidaire FGGH3047VF 30″ Gallery Series Gas Range with Convection Oven


  • Cook your favourite foods in a healthier way
  • Use less oil and still get the same crispy taste
  • Get faster, more even baking results

The Frigidaire Gallery Series Gas Range with Convection Oven is a kitchen necessity. The first range on the market to include Air Fry, this oven will enable you to create lighter versions of your favourite foods while still creating their distinctive flavour.

In the oven’s True Convection setting, you can reduce cooking time by up to 25% and even bake brownies or other small treats at the same temperature in less than half of the traditional baking time thanks to an enhanced convection fan and a third heating element that evenly circulates hot air throughout the cavity.

With Air Fry, enjoy healthier meals without any of the hassle or guilt from frying, meaning you will be more satisfied with all three square meals a day. With 5 gas burners available at your fingertips as well as plenty of room on stainless steel cooktop, what would cooking without this beautiful machine ever be?

4. NXR SC3611 36″ 5.5 cu.ft. Pro-Style Natural Gas Range with Convection Oven


  • Cooks food more evenly
  • Gets the job done quickly
  • You’ll save on energy costs compared to a regular oven

The NXR SC3611 36″ 5.5 cu.ft. Pro-Style Natural Gas Range with Convection Oven is all you’ll need to cook the perfect meal every time around your kitchen! Professionally constructed with stainless steel on the outside and porcelain-coated inside, this range is completely easy to keep clean, yet always looks professional when cooking up a feast for friends or family!

With 6 powerful burners, 10,000 BTU broiler burners, and 22,000 BTU oven burners create a professional-looking and functioning kitchen. With an extra-large 5.5 cu ft capacity, the NXR SC3611 is perfect for any size cooking need.

You’ll appreciate easy to clean features that never fail in keeping your stovetop in like-new condition with the black porcelain drip pan that offers superior nonstick properties creating a more prominent part of your kitchen decor! Plus you won’t have to worry about maintaining even temperatures thanks to the convection fan which provides affordability without making compromises on quality.

5. GE JGS760SPSS 30 Inch Slide-In Gas Range with 5 Sealed Burners, 5.3 Cu. Ft. Convection Oven


  • Less expensive than a free-standing range
  • You’ll save more space in your kitchen
  • Extra-large integrated non-stick griddle

GE’s JGS760SPSS gas range is ADA compliant and has a sabbath mode for more friendly, family-oriented cooking. This stove also features a griddle surface with 5 sealed burners total, the highest burner output of 18000 BTU, the width of 30 inches x height 36.25 inches x depth 29.25 inches in its physically large frame.

The GE JGS760SPSS Slide-In Gas Range with convection oven is a gas stove built for serious cooking but designed so you don’t have to do it all on one surface. This range brings professional performance and contemporary styling to your kitchen.

Enjoy the option of a permanently sealed cooktop that lets you slide in pots, pans, and racks, while still having options to use traditional open burners when needed. Choose between five adjustable power levels that provide a choice of 400degF down to 250degF on each burner plus an Extra High output 18000BTU burner for fast boil times when tackling tough jobs like pasta sauce or gravies.

The GE JGS760SPSS Slide-In Gas Range is a great addition to your kitchen. This gas range has five sealed burners that will ensure your cooking will be evenly heated, there is also an ADA compliant oven on this bad boy! If you like griddles and need space on the range, don’t worry, this unit has it all.

6. Thor Kitchen 48-inch Professional Gas Range with 6 Burners, Convection Fan


  • You’ll save time and money by cooking more efficiently
  • Your food will taste better because it’s cooked to perfection
  • Large ovens for large parties
  • Easy to clean porcelain drip pans.
  • Durable materials for a long-lasting oven
  • Energy-efficient and saves you money on utilities

For people who want to take their cooking game to the next level, Thor is the perfect range. This professional gas range has features that make it a dream for any chef at home. With lots of burners and quality design, this product will improve your cooking skills in no time. If you’ve been frustrated about rubbery eggs or tough meat cooked on your current range, this one is a must-have!

Professional grade gas range with multifunctional, unmatched variety, and lots of options. The stainless steel exterior is durable and easy to clean. One large window in the oven door enables close monitoring of cooking progress. The range includes 6 burners (5 heated on one side) that can be configured individually for thick or thin frying while a powerful griddle burner also offers flexibility when making breakfast sandwiches or bacon.

7. Ilve UPN76DMPB 30 Nostalgie Series Dual Fuel Natural Gas Range with Convection Oven


  • This range is big enough for a family of 6
  • Cooking with natural gas is cleaner and more efficient
  • This range has a true convection oven for faster cooking times
  • It’s made in Italy, so you know that the quality is top-notch

The Ilve UPN76DMPB 30 Nostalgie series dual fuel range is absolutely perfect for cooking, and with the convection oven, you can get restaurant quality meals no matter what you’re making. I know that’s something to be excited about because your kitchen will never be boring again. Isn’t that just great news?

The sleek design means this appliance will fit seamlessly in any modern kitchen and add a timeless Italian charm to it while being so functional at the same time! So don’t wait another second before getting this product today for an unbeatable price on our site! You won’t regret it!

Store-quality cooking in your own kitchen. With an array of pro features that let you tailor the cooking experience to suit your needs, this dual-fuel range from Ilve is sure to turn out delicious dishes at home and at work.

Offering a range of features that will please the most discriminating cook, with a sleek contemporary design, this Ilve Nostalgie Series Range has it all. Sleek stainless steel appliances and fittings give the kitchen an upscale look while advanced gas convection oven technology ensures perfectly cooked food at every meal.

With five sealed burners and true convection Oven cooking modes to help you prepare more dishes faster or preserve delicate flavour profiles in your food, this is one easy-to-use product you’ll love!

8. FORNO Lseo 30″ Inch 5-Burner Stainless Steel 70000 BTU Gas Convection Range


  • Cook with precision and control
  • You’ll be able to cook your favourite dishes fast and easy
  • The convection fan will save you time in the kitchen
  • It’s easy to clean
  • Durable, high-quality appliance
  • Oven door made from tempered 4-layer glass
  • Free installation with in house delivery option!

This FORNO Lseo 30″ Inch 5-Burner Stainless Steel 70000 BTU Gas Convection Range has five Italian sealed burners that give the precision and control to cook from a low simmer for sauces to high heat for boiling and frying. With a capacity of 4.23 cubic feet in this oven including top broiler capabilities of 10000 BTUs, cooking will be done with ease.

Want more? Well, throw some convection into the mix! This range is equipped with 100 degrees at 1800 rpm which means it will have you cooking quicker than ever before. It even comes with two rear burners as well which blew our minds when we saw them.

This oven is perfect for any cook who is serious about their craft. 30″ Alta Qualita Lseo Gas Range with 5 sealed Italian burners that give the precision and control to cook from a low simmer for sauces, to high heat for boiling and frying. A convection fan in the oven will have you cooking in no time.

10000 BTU Top Broiler means steaks are by far your speciality while 16000 BTU Bottom is there when you need it too! When combined this stove has 26000 total output of power! The 30″ capacity oven can handle whatever creation comes next, or keep on stand-by as we know how important an eat-in first night really is.

9. Empava 36 in. 5.2 cu. ft. Pro-Style Slide-in Single Oven Gas Range


  • Cook with precision and style
  • Enjoy a sleek exterior design
  • Cooks food evenly
  • Uses less energy
  • Zinc alloy control knobs with blue LED lights that allow you to see if the cooktop is turned on from a distance

Empava Pro-Style Slide-in Single Oven offers maximum versatility by incorporating heavy-duty cast-iron grates with an 18000 BTU single burner to three single 12000 BTU burners, one 15 degrees simmer up to 850 degrees per hour in both low and high-temperature settings.

Control your cooking whether you prefer an intense sear or gentle saute with eight 1″ gas rings featuring dual burners for mixed cook styles! The deep recessed range has a 24-inch wide full wall oven with 5.2 cubic feet capacity that illuminates enticing dishes to appeal to cuisine skills while delivering outstanding results every time.

The deeply recessed stove offers a continuous flame that automatically reignites if accidentally extinguished so you can make all your favourite dishes without worrying about burning out the heat. With an automatic reignition function on this versatile unit, it has never been easier to cook like a pro!

10. Verona Prestige Series VPFSGG365DSS 36 inch All Gas Range with Convection Oven


  • This oven is made of durable materials
  • It has high corrosion resistance
  • The gas range is beautiful and unique
  • Save money on utility bills
  • Enjoy a sleek and modern design

The Verona Prestige Series 36 inch Gas Range with Conventional Oven features a beautiful, all-stainless steel exterior and is made in Italy. It includes 5 sealed gas burners (2 turbo-electric convection) and an easy to clean porcelain oven surface. With an electronic ignition system, you’re always ready to cook!

This versatile unit also includes an EZ Clean Porcelain oven surface that’s perfect for cleaning without harsh chemicals! The traditional cast-iron grates and caps can be interchanged with the space-saving rear grills. The Beveled Doors are a great way to store them when they aren’t being used!

The convection oven in the centre cooks food evenly and pairs beautifully with your selection of foods to serve up both traditional Italian dishes or any dish you create! Plus, it’s NSF certified so that you know this appliance is safe to use every day.

How do You Use a Gas Convection Oven?

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is a gas convection oven good for baking?

Gas convection ovens produce moist heat, which can lead to problems with browning and crisping baked goods. Gas ovens are popular because of their efficiency in cooking food quickly due to the high temperature that is generated from heating up gas. This type of stove also produces a different flavour than other types like electric or convection stoves which use lower temperatures for more efficient baking techniques.

2. What is the best gas range convection oven?

GE JGB735SPSS 30 Inch Freestanding All Gas Range with Convection Oven makes every kitchen look better because not only does this appliance have enough room to cook all sorts of different foods, but also stays neat thanks to its smooth surfaces without any seams around door handles and hinges; no one wants grease splatters on their beautiful floors from having dirty appliances in their kitchens!


We’ve done the research for you and found ten of the top-rated gas ranges with convection oven features. Whether you need to cook a roast in an hour or boil water quickly, these stoves are up for any challenge. This stove even has an easy-to-clean surface that will make cooking on busy days easier! Check out our list of best gas ranges with convection ovens below if this is what you’re looking for, but feel free to search more models online as well before making a decision! Happy shopping 🙂

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