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14 Best Electric Wine Openers Reviews of 2021 You Should Buy

Best Electric Wine Openers

An electric wine opener will make it easy for anyone to open their favorite bottles of red and white wines with ease. Electric wine openers have many benefits over manual models including speed, efficiency, and safety. If you are looking for a new way to enjoy drinking your favorite vintages in peace without worrying about what type of bottle opener you have on hand then this article may be helpful!

This year’s best electric wine openers offer different features like rechargeable batteries or bottle stoppers. You can also choose between cordless models or ones that plug into the wall so you never run out of juice mid-pour! This write will help you learn more about what makes an electric wine opener so special, how they work, and which ones are best for your needs.

The Benefits Of Using An Electric Wine Opener

If you are someone who enjoys regularly drinking wine, then it is important for you to make sure you have the right tools on hand. As a matter of fact, there are many benefits associated with using an electric wine opener instead of trying to open your wine bottles by hand. Below, you will learn even more about what makes these types of openers so popular and why you should seriously consider using one yourself:

Increase The Efficiency

When most people try opening a wine bottle by hand, they end up struggling and getting frustrated in the process. If this sounds like something that has happened to you in the past, then it is important for you to know there is no need to continue doing things this way anymore. Instead, consider purchasing an electric wine opener today so that when this happens again in the future, you will be able to use the device in order to quickly and efficiently remove the cork from the wine bottle.

Save Money

Another great thing about using an electric wine opener is that you will not have to worry about constantly buying corkscrews anymore. These devices are specifically designed for helping you open your wine bottles more effectively than a regular corkscrew and of course, they work just as well. You can definitely save money by making this small purchase decision today and enjoy enjoying your favorite wines with ease tomorrow!

Won’t Destroy The Cork In The Wine Bottle

There is worse than trying to open a wine bottle and not being able to get the cork out. This problem occurs when you try to use a corkscrew on the wine, but this doesn’t happen with an electric corkscrew. Instead, your device is designed so that it will slowly remove the cork from the bottle, while at the same time preventing any damage from occurring to it in the process.

Greater Usability And Flexibility

There are some people who enjoy using their hands in order to open their bottles of wine, but for others, hand strength is an issue that prevents them from doing this effectively. Luckily, if you are looking for a way to make opening your wine bottles easier on yourself then all you have to do is invest in an electric wine opener. With this device, you will have the ability to easily open your wine bottles regardless of whether or not your hands are weak or strong.

In summation, if you enjoy drinking wine but have never enjoyed opening a bottle by hand, then it is time for you to invest in an electric wine opener today. These devices come with a range of benefits that make them very popular amongst those who drink wine on a regular basis and of course, they work just as well as traditional openers do too. Take some time to learn more about what type of electric opener would be best for your particular needs and start enjoying the many benefits of using one yourself!

List of 14 Best Electric Wine Openers Reviews

1. Secura Electric Wine Opener

  • The Secura Electric Wine Opener is the ultimate beverage guru, made for all occasions whether it be a spur-of-the-moment get-together with friends or throwing an unforgettable party. Compact and cordless, this rechargeable opener features an ergonomic handle that not only enables easy use but also adds elegance to any countertop. When you need to serve up more than one bottle quickly, the Secura electric wine opener saves time and energy by opening up to 30 bottles on just one charge!
  • This best electric wine opener effortlessly removes corks in seconds. The Secura Electric Wine Bottle Opener has a rechargeable lithium-ion battery, so it’s safe and easy to use, compatible with most bottle sizes, and even saves space when storing.
  • The Secura electric wine bottle opener looks elegant with its sleek black finish that blends well into any environment from a formal dinner party to a late-night pizza date at home. Keep this reliable product around for years of continuous use with long-life batteries and sturdy metal construction under an attractive color scheme. The automatic button releases even the tightest corks with ease while easy one-hand operation makes using.
  • The sleek and durable Secura Automatic Electric Wine Bottle Opener is a reliable product that’s easy to clean and always ready for action. With 220 volts of power coursing through its frame, this handyman-helper can open even the most difficult bottles in seconds so grab.

2. Oster Cordless Electric Wine Bottle Opener

  • With the Oster Cordless Electric Wine Bottle Opener and Foil Cutter, opening a bottle of wine has never been so simple. Safely remove up to 30 bottles with one long-lasting charge! No need for unsightly corkscrews or multiple tools to get at your favorite vino, just plug in and go!
  • Next time you’re hosting a party and want to impress the guests with your understated elegance, we suggest that you invest in this velvety awesomeness! A classy aspect that goes beyond its stunning good looks is how it effortlessly cuts foil seals open with minimal effort.
  • The Oster Cordless Electric Wine Bottle Opener is not your average wine opener. Simply push the button and voila, cork removed! With either traditional or rechargeable power, any level of wine tippler will find this wine bottle opener to be the perfect way to enjoy their favorite drink.
  • This sleek cordless electric wine opener is handsome, sophisticated, and professional. It can easily open 30 bottles on a charge without the hassle of waiting for a long string to wind around. The one-button operation allows you to breeze through opening bottles at will with ease, while the foil cutter means that there are no more sloppy pieces of foil on your fingers from tugging them off from stubborn wraps!

3. ZTongr Electric wine opener

  • One-touch electric wine opener, One-touch Automatic Wine Opener Holiday Gift Set with charger base vacuum stopper. Improve your drinking experience and open your wines in seconds. The set includes a durable aluminum foil cutter and wine pourer to help you get the most out of every bottle.
  • With a sleek design and rechargeable battery, so it can go anywhere, this is one gift for someone who will enjoy opening every bottle with ease. Electric wine opener will open your favorite wines in under 10 seconds. This product makes it easy to get everyone around the table enjoying their favorite glass of red or white wine. The best electric wine opener comes with a beautiful charging base so that it’s ready to use each time you want to crack open a bottle. It also includes an extra vacuum cork so nobody has to deal with pesky glasses filled with a spent cork again after pouring the last drop!
  • The vacuum wine cork provides an airtight seal between the wine bottle and the outside environment so that it can retain the mellow taste and aroma of your wine. Adopting high-quality material to keep the electric wire from leaking, but not fragile as you assumed. This means better durability for years ahead. Also equipped with LED light which would help you see clearly at night or in dimly lit places.

4. Hisip Electric Wine Opener Set

  • The Hisip Electric Wine Opener Set, Type C Rechargeable Corkscrew Wine Bottle Opener is an elegant and efficient rechargeable wine opener that can easily open most screw-topped wines. This bottle opener has everything you need to enjoy the last drops of your favorite red or white wine with ease. The dark base is perfect for storing so the whole set takes up less space in storage.
  • Includes type c rechargeable corkscrew; storage base for wines bottle and all accessories; foil cutter; 2 vacuum wine stoppers. Easy-to-use electric corkscrew releases the sentimental value of liquid with a guaranteed safety lever that makes it childproof. Wine aerator pourer increases the volume of contact with air allowing your wine to breathe by enhancing taste and bouquet. The 2 in 1 tulip-shaped dropper included helps to pour evenly.
  • Hisip Electric Wine Opener Set, Type C Rechargeable Corkscrew Wine Bottle Opener by Hissip offers simplicity and convenience for chefs of both professional and novice levels. This electric corkscrew is made of high-quality materials while still being affordable on the budget.
  • The Hisip wine opener set includes everything you need to get the job done quickly without worries or concerns! With a simple push-button operation, it removes the cork in 5-7 seconds with an automatic ejection system no matter how big the party is. Choose from our different colors to match any kitchen decor at home or on the go, making this perfect addition for holiday gifts this year!

5. Uncle Viner G105 Electric Wine Opener Set

  • This electric wine opener set uses rechargeable batteries to quickly and easily open wine bottles. With four AA NiMh Batteries included, the cordless Wine Opener takes 7 seconds to remove the cork on a wine bottle. A perfect present for Father’s Day or Christmas since it comes with four AA NiMh batteries (no need to purchase more).
  • Simply charge up your battery at home; opening 80 wines requires one full battery charge, which lasts about 20 hours of usage before recharging again is needed (using USB Charger Type-C included in this kit).
  • Stylish design with elegant finishes makes it the perfect gift set for any occasion – including Father’s Day, milestone birthdays like 50th or 60th anniversaries, anniversaries such as 10th or 15th, wedding gifts like engagement presents or wedding favors such as champagne flutes ( see below), Housewarmings and graduation parties.
  • This exquisite set includes a sleek, all-black 2 chargers that will hold up to 45 wines each &2 of weightless charger holders, 3 fully collapsible wine glasses, 1 brilliant dark red electric battery operated wine opener that removes corks within seconds of pushing down on the high-quality stainless steel lever (just like it would be opened by your hands), and 1 pair of seamless black batteries so you can open more than one bottle without interruption.

6. Ozeri Pro Electric Wine Bottle Opener

  • The Ozeri Pro makes opening wine bottles easy and entertaining. It features a no-slip design so it won’t slip out of your hands when trying to remove the cork from the top. With just one push of a button, the cork will appear ready to be removed without any mess or loud popping sounds.
  • Your guests will enjoy watching while they chat about what’s happening at their table! This unit charges in 3 hours and can last up to 40 bottles on just one charge! Includes an elegant recharging base, compact foil cutter, and bonus pourer and stopper too.
  • This Ozeri Pro Electric Wine Bottle Opener has an ultra-light cordless design that fits comfortably in the palm of your hand. The sleek silver finish makes it looks attractive enough to leave out for guests, but hiding it away in a drawer or cabinet isn’t necessary because this wine cork remover is rechargeable! With just one button press, you can get the job done quickly with all limbs intact. One charge used correctly lasts 8 hours before needing to be recharged again – that’s about 40 bottles of wine!

7. Foneta Versatile Series Electric Wine Opener

  • The Foneta Wine Opener makes opening wine bottles easy and quick, freeing up time for the best part of tackling your evening’s drink, starting conversations with guests. With 6-8 second cork removal in a single press, the integrated storage base keeps everything needed in one spot.
  • This sleek wine opener is the perfect thing to offer your guests when they come around for dinner parties. Not only will you impress them with their own electric wine bottle opener, but you’ll also wow them by opening the wine bottles in just seconds. The Foneta Electric Wine Opener Automatic Rechargeable Wine Bottle Opener with Base helps you open wine easily and never struggle with corks ever again!
  • Foneta wine opener package includes the Foneta electric rechargeable wine opener, a nice stand to set it on, 2 premium vacuum stoppers with silicone plugs for your opened bottles, and a sharp metal foil cutter. All tools are made of top-quality materials so they will not corrode or rust over time. Enjoy effortless opening every time with this smartly designed gadget that actually opens up to 50 pop-up bottles without messy manual labor before recharging (batteries last long enough not to worry).

8. Foneta Glamour Series Electric Wine Opener

  • The Foneta Electric Wine Opener is a simple and effective gadget to opening wine without the fuss of laboring over corks. With its easy, hands-free design and rechargeable lithium battery, it takes just 6-8 seconds to open a bottle of wine. The best electric wine opener’s sleek charging base also conveniently holds all accessories in one place for your kitchen or bar countertop!
  • The built-in charger ensures that you never have to worry about finding another outlet when your battery runs low. Plus, it looks sleek on top of any kitchen cabinet or bar cart! With this wine opener, every sip will be tasted with elegance!
  • Complete with an electric knife, sharp foil cutter, and all-inclusive accessory kit that includes two vacuum stoppers for preserving your enjoyed wine in the best way possible! With its superpower feature in opening up to 50 bottles on a single charge, stress about not being able to secure the cork is no more.

9. Rabbit Electric Wine Opener Set

  • The Rabbit Wine Opener features a sleek, minimalist design with the cordless convenience of electricity. Easily open 30+ bottles on one charge and use the foil cutter to seal bottle tops or stoppers for wine preservation before serving or pouring. The electric cork opener has an ergonomic grip, a sharp enough t-bar to make removing corks easy work, and stainless steel worm for durability!
  • The corkscrew features a rechargeable battery so it’s portable so you can take it anywhere! It also comes with other handy accessories like the foil cutter, aerator/pourer, and 2 stoppers for preserving your wine before serving. Best of all these tools are designed to work on any type of cork, making them useful even if you live abroad or celebrate international cuisine often!
  • The Rabbit electric wine opener set takes the cork out of opening your wine with elegance. Open, Serve, and Preserve Wine all at once-no need to press some button twice or use a hand crank! The corkscrew works on all different types of cork so you don’t have to worry about buying another product just because your cork is slightly thicker than usual. Comes with a charger base for easy cord-free charging; one charge will open up 30+ bottles!

10. Secura Electric Wine Opener

  • The Secura Automatic Electric Wine Bottle Opener is compatible with all wine bottle sizes and will open up to 30 bottles on a single charge! It’s small enough to keep hidden when not in use, so you’ll find it even easier to enjoy your favorite bottles of wine.
  • Secura electric wine opener is a high-quality, rechargeable wine bottle opener. With just the push of a button, you can easily remove corks with this no-fuss tool! Keep it near your wines so that there’s always an easy-to-get bottle opener on hand. Best for removing cork in seconds – Secura Electric Wine Opener features durable performance and one-touch operation to get your wine open quickly.
  • Included in this product is our bright green color, making it perfect for any festive occasion or presentation. A metal cap lifter will gently pull off both caps so you can enjoy pouring wine without worry. According to reliable customer reports, accuracy is always within +-3 seconds of the preset opening time which is pretty accurate considering most people are not patient enough for 5 or 6-second waits each goes around!

11. Moocoo Cordless Electric Wine Bottle Opener

  • No more cumbersome corkscrews and swivel arms that attach to tables – Simply wrap the Moocoo battery-operated rechargeable electric wine opener around most standard-size wine bottles, press a button, and watch it swiftly open the cork for you with minimum effort.
  • This complete electric wine opener set includes a battery-operated rechargeable electric wine opener that’s noiseless and fast, opening a traditional wine bottle in just about 6 seconds. The sleekly designed recharging base keeps your device ready to go when you need it. More than capable of opening up to 30-40 bottles on its own.
  • The Moocoo cordless electric wine bottle opener is the only choice for ultimate convenience when it comes to opening, preserving, and enjoying your favorite vintage! The stylish charging base doubles as a convenient space for storage while the high-tech design creates an air-tight seal, preventing wasted wine.
  • It comes with a 2-in-1 aerator and pourer, as well as two vacuum stoppers to store/preserve wine. There’s also a beautiful LED charging base so you can charge, store and display your electric wine opener on your kitchen countertop. This device helps preserve your favorite wine’s flavor and the battery life lasts for over three hours ensuring at least two bottles per full charge!

12. TEBIKIN Electric Wine Bottle Openers

  • Extraction of empty cork is not always an easy task. Electric wine openers, like the one TEBIKIN offers, will make it much easier for anyone to extract dusty old corks with precision and care.
  • The battery-operated motion means this product is cordless too, making it perfect for even those who suffer from arthritis or other wrist difficulties to operate! Product features include: 4 AA batteries (not included), which can offer power for an exceptional amount of uses. You’ll also love how well electric cork remover performs by perfectly extracting the corks while sealing them internally to keep wines fresh for longer periods.
  • It comes with variable speed settings, a safety lock built-in, stainless steel screws, and blades. You can also take it with you when traveling or planning group dinners at home!
  • It’s made out of black frosted material with a smooth surface and comfortable hand feels which makes it easy to use on many occasions – special events like weddings and home parties – as well as everyday necessities such as catering and festivals.

13. EZBASICS Electric Wine Bottle Opener

  • With this wine opener, you get the strength of electric power to help open any bottle in just 7 seconds. What’s even better about it is there are no extra parts needed- simply plug it in for quick charging and go. The rechargeable corkscrew simultaneously removes the need for a corkscrew while enhancing aeration while preserving flavors with its vacuum sealer attachment- all guaranteed mess-free!
  • The 4-piece set comes with an electric wine opener for easy opening, a foil cutter for removing the cork quickly and without breaking it, a wine aerator to keep wines tasting fresh longer by adding oxygen to them, and a vacuum stopper to preserve unfinished bottles of wine. No need to search high and low; this is THE complete solution for all of your different needs! Comes in a USB power cord design that makes charging simple.
  • It is used for cork removal, drip-free pouring, and aeration, and has a vacuum stopper to preserve flavors and prevent wasting good wine! Plus, its automatic corkscrew removes all sorts of bottles with ease and elegance.

14. Rabbit Automatic Electric Corkscrew Wine Bottle Opener

  • This product will not only open a wine bottle with precision and ease, but it does so quickly. The rechargeable battery lasts long enough to take the cork out of up to 30 bottles of wine before needing recharging. This is a great solution for any level drinker looking for an intuitive way to enjoy their favorite beverage at home without much hassle.
  • The Rabbit Automatic Wine opener is the perfect addition to any wine lover’s bar cart. It pulls and ejects corks without shoving them into the bottle as traditional stoppers do, so you can enjoy that first sip even if it’s not at your home yet. Plugin the sleek silver appliance by simply pushing on its charging base for one minute. When those flashes turn solid green, just press this device onto a cork until it pops and releases! This unit comes with a built-in rechargeable battery and will work for up to 30+ bottles of wine before needing more juice.
  • Specially designed to fit in one hand, this Rabbit Electric Corkscrew will help you enjoy wine more than ever before by eliminating spills and broken bottles as well as efficiently opening any wine bottle so others can join the fun!

Buying Guide for the Best Electric Wine Opener

If you are thinking to buy an electric wine opener, there are many options for different brands available in the market. So it can be a little time taking to choose one of them that suits your need best.

Electric wine openers are very easy to use and operate. If you want to save your strength while opening up bottles of wine, Electric wine openers come with the solution. This article will guide you through all the important features of an electric wine opener which will give you a basic idea about each feature, what it means, and its importance before buying any model of electric bottle openers.


Wine openers come with two main parts, a handle, and a corkscrew. With the help of a motor inside, a worm is driven into the cork which makes it easy to pull out of. A simple press on the button of the opener starts this whole mechanism and within seconds you have your bottle opened without any effort. Some models also come with extra features which include foil cutters or more adaptable adaptors for charging in cars or using battery packs.

  • Type of Battery: In general Wine Bottle Openers have built-in rechargeable batteries that can be charged by connecting them through a USB cable with a laptop, computer, or even a power bank. still, some people prefer to go with disposable batteries.
  • Charging time: Most of the electric wine openers come with 2-3 hours charging time for a full charge which gives you at least 60 to 80 uses. But some high-end models also provide 1-2 minute quick chargers that can give you 30 to 40 minutes backup after just 5 minute charging period. Still, others come with a built-in non-rechargeable battery which allows you to use them without any wire connection.
  • Noise Level: Electric wine openers produce less noise when compared to other varieties of openers available on market but if it calls a higher price too then it is not worthy enough for buying a wine opener otherwise buy a very small sized one that won’t disturb your party or gathering.
  • Design: They come with sleek designs to suit any table setting and can be easily carried in a travel bag or purse. If you want an electric wine opener that is small enough to fit into your kitchen drawer, then go for it because there are varieties of openers available according to size which varies from 2 inches to 5 inches. But if want a heavy-duty one with a high-speed motor and built-in rechargeable battery then these options are also available in the market so choose according to your needs.

Ease of use

Wine openers come with extremely simple controls. Some electric wine openers require you to press a button. While others have some additional buttons for one-touch operation, some models also come with a foil cutter facility which is very handy when you want to remove the protective aluminum foil on top of your wine bottles.

There are few more things that you need to know before buying an electric bottle opener like warranty period and customer support service. It’s always better to buy products having extended warranty periods because it does cover any major damage done by electric power or human errors during the use of the product. So choose your choice wisely which satisfies all your needs easily without creating any issues.

Electric wine bottle openers might cost a bit high but over time they will save a lot of your time and energy. If you have ever tried to open a bottle of wine with a manual wine opener then you would know the struggle that it is going through the whole cork just to pull it out using a corkscrew.


Design is an important factor that you need to consider before buying electric wine openers. You can find several available models of electric bottle openers in the market with some additional features that you may not even look for but still some people buy them just because it looks more decent on a table or else if you are the one who loves to collect things then go for different types of designs and shapes available in the market. If you are looking for something stylish, lightweight, and compact enough to fit inside your kitchen drawer then there are many varieties of wine opener available, so check out their prices online before making any decision.


Most of the electric wine openers available in the market come with some useful accessories like a foil cutter and pourer spout to make your work easier. Make sure you buy one that has enough extra features to make your life easier or else if you are not interested in any special feature then it’s better to go for simple ones which are cheaper but gives the same result as other expensive models do.


Electric wine openers require less maintenance because they don’t have any manual parts which may cause problems later on, all you need is to clean them using a damp cloth after every use or once in a month depending upon how often you use them. It’s always better to remove batteries from rechargeable open when not in use so that it stays longer. Most of the openers I mentioned are rechargeable so before buying any electric bottle opener compare their charging time and cost to buy or else you can also buy one that uses standard batteries because they are not expensive anyway.


Speed is also important to consider while buying electric bottle openers because some people like to get things done quickly and on the go, so if you are one of them then go for fast ones which can easily open 20+ bottles of wine without charging. If speed is not a matter then you have many options available in the market that vary from 45 seconds to 60 seconds which may also give the same results.


Power is an important factor that you need to consider while buying electric wine openers because it decides how much power your machine will have and also the durability of the machine. There are many models available in the market that use rechargeable batteries but few uses standard batteries that may cost a bit high according to their charging time. On the other hand, there are some electric openers that use solar energy or wind turbine to generate electricity so all you need is to place them outside so they get enough sunlight during day time or else you can install solar panels on top of your house so it generates more power than usual.


Price is the major factor which you need to consider while buying anything because no matter how useful a product is if it doesn’t suit your pocket then it’s better to look for some other cheaper options available in the market, obviously there are many products which are reasonably priced but still having enough features to make your life easier. So always compare prices of different models available in the market according to the price list provided on top online portals like Amazon, Flipkart, etc…Also, check out customer reviews given by customers who have already bought the product before buying any electric wine opener.

How to use a Cordless Electric Wine Bottle Opener

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Are electric wine openers worth it?

If you’re having trouble using a standard corkscrew because of your grip or if it just never feels right, then this option is for sure going to be the perfect fit. Plus I can see how difficult synthetic cork would be with these hand-friendly tools!

2. How do electric corkscrews work?

So, how does it work? Well, now you can enjoy your wine without any worries. Simply hold down the button on top and let those worms do their job!

3. What is the easiest wine opener?

The Rabbit is the best, most secure lever-style corkscrew we’ve ever tried. It easily removes sealed cork from any bottle with little effort and it can be used quickly even for one-handed operation because of its compact size! The affordable Ozeri Electric Wine Opener also has an easy use design that makes opening wine bottles as simple as pressing a button-perfect if you need something portable or don’t want to deal with traditional tools like screwtops on their own opener/corkscrew combo kit which typically includes both items separately anyway.

4. Is a corkscrew a wine opener?

The waiter’s corkscrew remains one of the most popular choices for wine openers thanks to its simplicity and portability. To use this opener, just screw into the top of your bottle with a little leverage from that fulcrum at its corner then pull out!


The best electric wine opener is the one that you know will do the job. The most important thing to look for when shopping for an electric wine opener is knowing what type of cork it’s designed to work with. There are many different styles and types, but not all openers can get the job done. It’s always a good idea to buy from a reputable company, as they usually offer warranties or guarantees on their products if something goes wrong. If you want convenience without sacrificing quality.

There are so many great electric wine openers on the market that it can be overwhelming to choose one. This article has narrowed down your choices by reviewing some of this year’s best models, how they work, and which ones are best for your needs. Make sure you read through all our reviews before making a decision!

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