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11 Best Coffee Mug Racks 2021: Reviews & Top Picks

Best Coffee Mug Racks

A coffee mug rack is a small accessory that can be used to store and organize your coffee mugs in an efficient manner. They come in different shapes, sizes, materials, and designs.

This blog post is about the best coffee mug rack on the market. We get into detail on what to look for when buying a coffee mug rack and give you some of our favorite racks that are top-rated.

List of 11 Best Coffee Mug Racks Reviews

1. Sorbus Mug Rack Cup Holder

  • The Sorbus Mug Rack Cup Holder stores and displays up to 27 mugs, teacups, glasses, and more with a wall-mounted cup holder mug rack. This welcoming addition to your kitchen or dining room will allow you to free up much-needed cabinet space as well as save you time as it eliminates the need for searching for mugs keeping them all in one spot. With this product, you can quickly grab any of your favorite drinks from it thanks to its convenient indexing bar located right next to the door handle.
  • The Sorbus Mug Rack Cup Holder is the perfect way to dry your coffee mugs after use, keep them organized by style, and also include cup holders for beverages like wine or Moscow Mule! The included brackets make installation easy. It’s compatible with any kitchen décor (modern, industrial, vintage farmhouse) and can be customized with flower garlands or another decor on top of it.

2. Spectrum Diversified Euro Large 8-Mug Holder

  • The Spectrum Diversified Euro Large 8-Mug Holder is a simple but stylish mug tree for your countertop. It’s perfect for hosting or entertaining friends and family, with space for 8 cups per design.
  • Roll up the dish towel to store inside this needlessly trendy kitchen decoration, or use it as an alternative to clunky wooden pantry shelving.
  • Perfect for any coffee enthusiast or true tea drinker, the Euro Large 8-Mug Holder is cleverly designed to give your favorite mugs a home in your cabinets. Wall-mounted on a sturdy branch with a large capacity that can hold up to eight different cups, this aesthetically pleasing mug tree will be a great addition to any kitchen space.
  • Crafted from rich fig wood and steel mesh base, this mug tree is not only distinctive but also durable enough to withstand constant use all while maintaining its fashionable look. In addition, it complements modern decor styles with its sleek design and finishes.

3. OROPY Rustic Coffee Mug Rack

  • If your kitchen is a mess and you want some helping organizing it all, look no further. OROPY Rustic Coffee Mug Rack will help you by giving you the space to display up to 12 mugs on its hooks.
  • Handcrafted from birch wood with vintage steel hooks that measure approximately 3.5 inches apart, this cabinetry piece will spice up any room!
  • Named for our classy coffee lovers, the Oropy Rustic Coffee Mug Rack provides you with hooks to store up to 4 travel mugs. Shelves are 3.1 inches wide and there is a total of 11 spots available!
  • Say goodbye to cluttered counters and night-time searches for your favorite mug; hang them securely on the back of this rack or store inside stored inside this rustic coffee mug rack!
  • They made sure to provide both stability and durability by pairing high-quality hooks with an iron frame that’s standing tall against tough use.

4. Mkono Wall Mounted Coffee Cup Rack

  • The Mkono Wall Mounted Coffee Cup Rack does double duty! It serves as a beautiful way to show off your favorite mugs, glasses, and coffee cups while also organizing your small kitchen space. We’ll bet you’ll love how this chic rack can fit in with any decor style from rustic to industrial.
  • With 10 hooks at the bottom of the rack, you’ll be able to keep all those neat little mugs or sippy cups within easy reach, out of harm’s way at the top of a high cabinet – no more shattered glassware!
  • This wall-mounted coffee cup rack is perfect to organize your kitchen, bathroom, living room, and closet. Made of high-quality metal, this best mug rack will prove to be durable and non-rusty making for a great space saver. This product comes with two included screws that make installation easy and fast!

5. EMAISON Coffee Mug Holder

  • Keep your kitchen cabinets nice and tidy with the EMAISON mug holder. This kitchen organizer helps free up space by allowing you to display mugs, teacups, or anything else in-between the wooden hooks spaced apart by 5 inches.
  • These will neatly organize everything – there’s no need for overlapping mugs anymore because these are specially designed not to cause damage while bumping into each other.
  • This distressed, vintage-inspired design has plenty of storage space so you can find a home for all your different types of coffee mugs, teacups, and even fruit bowls.
  • The hooks are made out of high-quality metal which means they are resistant to corrosion or rusting over time which is perfect if you have kids in the house who play with them often, but also because it’s just practical in general.

6. MyLifeUNIT Mug Holder Tree

  • Like all square shapes, there is always more than one way to use the MyLifeUNIT Mug Holder Tree. Whether you’re hanging your favorite mug or adding some flair to your event with custom donuts, beads, and watches – this sturdy little contraption has got it covered. Its anti-slip pads keep things safe and sound on any surface, so worry not about costly damages!
  • The development of this product began with the need for an alternative object hanger in our workspace that was both stylish and practical. With features like retro design aesthetic coupled line modern functionality, this tree will help any home become a home!

7. Olakee Coffee Mug Rack

  • The Olakee Coffee Mug Rack is an incredible product that clears up space on your cluttered kitchen counter. It also ensures you can safely store and organize a variety of mugs, saving the annoyance of figuring out which one to wash first.
  • Made from durable black wood with bronze hooks, this wall-mounted mug organizer blends in great for any decor. Excellent addition to any restaurant or hotel kitchen as well as at home too!
  • The 3 sets of shelves will allow for all sorts of arrangements so you could display a variety of cups in different sizes and colors together or hang them separately depending on what wall space is available for storage.

8. Greenstell Coffee Mug Holder with Chalkboard

  • The Greenstell coffee mug holder is here, and man are you in for a treat. This little corner shelf has everything you need to have an awesomely creative morning or happy hour with your best kind of friends!
  • Gather around the table with this rustic yet modern piece that complements any decor style while still being durable enough to keep anything from spilling out. Give your favorite beverage the perfect resting spot on the built-in shelf that makes this chic holder complete.
  • Save your cabinet room and leave more space above your coffee maker with the Greenstell Coffee Mug Holder with Chalkboard that has 12 rustic hooks. The special design provides you storage for up to 12 mugs on the hooks, which are made of high-quality pine wood covered in metal. It is perfect for the display of coffee mugs, teacups, dish towels, and more.

9. Fox Run Expanding Beechwood Coffee Mug Wall Rack

  • The Fox Run Expanding Beechwood Coffee Mug Wall Rack is the perfect way to display your favorite coffee mug anywhere in your home or office. Not only does it work as a functional hanger, but also looks great on any wall. It features 13 pegs and adjusts to the size you need for hanging anywhere in your space!
  • Loaded with a solid wall fixture, an expansive coffee mug rack helps you take those precious minutes from your morning routine to prepare for the day ahead. With beechwood construction and the classic clear varnish, this option is as durable as it is chic.
  • Made of natural material that’s been smoothed over and painted a pristine white finish, it adds just a touch of style to your kitchen countertop. Hanging hardware installed ensures that these mugs will hold their ground – even when you least expect it – so your mornings can keep moving along without disruption!

10. AJART Coffee Mug Rack Form Hand-Forged Cup Holder

  • Display your favorite coffee mugs, teacups, and iced teacups with the AJART Coffee Mug Rack Form Hand-Forged Cup Holder. Each tool includes four long hooks and four short hooks-all of which are magnetized to prevent sliding when in use. The high-quality materials make this product durable and a perfect solution for living small or with roommates.
  • The AJART Coffee Mug Rack is the perfect accessory to complete your office, kitchen, or cafe. With a beautiful handcrafted design and can hold up to eight coffee mugs, this mug rack will surely delight you with its versatility and useful functions.
  • Made from high-quality materials and designed for durability, the AJART Copper Coffee Mug Holder was proudly made in India. Its ultra-streamlined style complements any environment – both modern and traditional!

11. X-cosrack Rustic Countertop Coffee Mug Rack

  • This rustic coffee mug rack is an artistic combination of metal and wood. The second row of hooks on the stand can be adjusted to make room for all your favorite mugs, and the space between each hook measures 4.72 inches from center to center, which fits most standard-sized cups or mugs. Use it in your home as a decorative addition that also helps with storage and displaying candles!
  • The two tiers design can hold up to 8 coffee mugs for a quick and convenient drink-on-the-go. Made of stainless steel, this rustic mug rack is strong up & down stands not only provide more space for sugar, coffee beans, dessert plates but is long-lasting and stable to others which make it the perfect place to store drinking glasses or cups in your kitchen countertop or living room.
  • The rug hook on the stand is specially designed that you can either keep the rustic countertop coffee mug rack on your kitchen countertop or wall-mounted just by screwing them together with other accessories such as chains lengths already provided in the package.

How to Choose the Best Coffee Mug Rack

Coffee mug racks are a very useful storage accessory that keeps all your mugs neat and orderly. There are various types of these racks available on the market but how can you find the best coffee mug rack out of them? We’ve come up with some points that will help you choose the perfect rack no matter what is your purpose with it. Let’s see below what they are:

1. Decide Where You Will Place Your Rack

Before buying an item like this, it is important for you to decide first where it will be placed. If you are looking for some good place in your kitchen, then pick one that is more practical and takes less space. Some of these racks can be hanged on the wall if you have free space above your countertop, but it’s also possible to just put the rack on the counter or even on a cupboard.

2. Purpose Of The Rack

Another point that is really important for this purchase is to figure out why do you need it. For example, if you often host people at home and everyone drinks coffee, maybe what you need is a rack with many mugs so everyone can have his or her easily. On the other hand, if you are looking for something to bring to your office, maybe you need a mug that stays in the cupholder inside of your desk.

3. What You Have Available at Home

You must also take into account what you already have at home when it comes to coffee mugs and racks. If you don’t have any storage for them in your kitchen, yours might end up in the corner of another room. Also, if this is not something really important for you right now, it’s better to wait until you can get exactly what you want instead of getting only something with which your needs are not completely satisfied.

4. How Much Space Do You Have?

As we mentioned before, some rack types take more space than others so think about where do you want to place them and how much free space do you have. Maybe you can’t get a small rack for your kitchen counter even if it is the best solution for your countertop, but you can put it in a pantry or somewhere else where there is enough space.

5. Capacity of the Rack

What we mean by capacity, in this case, is how many mugs does the rack has and can hold at once. Some racks come with just two or three compartments while others contain five, six, or twelve compartments that are usually adjustable in terms of their depth so they can fit different types of mugs. Having more than one mug per compartment will require less time to use every day but choosing the ones with wide compartments without dividers (if you want to keep your mugs separated) will allow you to carry more at the same time.

6. What is the Material?

The material is very important for this purchase because it determines how long the rack will last and its durability. Usually, these racks are made of metal and plastic and we recommend you always go with a material that is the better quality like stainless steel. Besides having a perfect finish, these racks don’t break as easily as those made of plastic do. They also have no issues with rusting or water damage so they can be used inside any cupboard if that’s what you need.

How to Make a Coffee Mug Rack


If you’re looking for a coffee mug rack to help keep your kitchen more organized, we’ve compiled the 11 best models on the market right now. Check out our reviews and top picks to find one that’s perfect for your needs.

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