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15 Best Camping Coffee Mugs: 2021 Reviews & Top Picks

Best Camping Coffee Mugs

For years, the camping coffee mug has been a hot topic for outdoor enthusiasts. Do you want something that is durable and heat resistant? How about one with great insulation qualities to keep your drink warm longer? What if you need an insulated mug that can be used on both gas and electric stoves?

That’s why I always make sure that my coffee mug has a perfect balance of caffeine and energy-boosting ingredients that will give me an instant boost when I need it most! Read on for more information about the best camping coffee mug available today!

List of 15 Best Camping Coffee Mugs Reviews

1. Enamel Camping Coffee Mug

  • The perfect vessel for those campers who want nothing but the best. Thanks to permanent double-sided print, you can keep fuel tanks full and happy tummy’s happy with a delightful mixture of our favorite pastel colors from this fantastic set.
  • This metal mug is coated in a thick enamel to prevent rusting and stains, making it professional-grade. It has an exquisite curl on the lip for a more comfortable drinking experience as well as a smooth finish inside and out for easy cleanup.
  • The bottom of this camping coffee mug boasts a solid U-handle design with an ergonomic grip so you can take swings from your cup without worry. All materials are Lead and cadmium-free, guaranteeing you’re getting the best quality possible.

2. VOLCAROCK 16oz Camping Coffee Mug

  • The VOLCAROCK 16oz Camping Coffee Mug is the perfect coffee mug for every outdoorsman. This cup keeps your drink hot with its double-walled stainless steel lining and isn’t made of harmful substances such as polymers, plasticizers, or lead. Furthermore, it has a Tritan lid that won’t transfer flavors to your mouth when drinking from this large insulated travel coffee cup!
  • The VOLCAROCK 16oz Camping Coffee Mug is a first generation of camping coffee mugs that put your hand at ease and keep the heat on hand. It provides more than just insulation for your drink, but also an elegant design to brighten up those chilly mornings.
  • With this durable outdoor cup, you no longer have to worry about the sweat coming off as some other cups do with their fabric lids. The No Sweat Design ensures customers not only stay dry by holding their drinks comfortably, but they can use it through all sorts of temperatures without any problems arising.

3. Tru Blu Large Camping Coffee Mugs

  • Tru Blu Camping Coffee Mug set is unmatched for stylish form and function. Our steel coffee cups are designed to last, no matter what your favorite drink- hot or cold- it tastes great!
  • Each cup includes a double-wall vacuum insulation technology that keeps your coffee either hot or iced longer with no condensation or sweating on surfaces under them.
  • Made of stainless steel, our sleek mugs are safe for microwaves and dishwasher owners looking to make washing hassle-free for excellent performance at all angles.
  • The Tru Blu Large Camping Coffee Mugs are premium, food-grade 18/8 Stainless Steel with a spill-resistant lid. This mug is guaranteed for life and has an easy removal lid.
  • Built for durability, this outdoor coffee mug comes in a rugged design with the best insulation for your next adventure at the beach or inside your RV!

4. P&P CHEF Enamel Camping Mugs

  • These P&P CHEF Enamel Coffee Mugs are made of steel with enamel coating, safe for your drinks. The professional design features rolled black rim, making the camping coffee mugs strong and smooth. The wide U-handle makes it comfortable to grip and hang up easily.
  • This is a healthy choice for camping trip enthusiasts because not only can it withstand repeated use without chipping or breaking even when dropped on hard surfaces but the stainless steel mug will not leach any toxins into your drink, unlike ceramic or glass products which could be endangering to health.
  • These beautiful mugs are perfect for your next camping adventure. The textured, high-tempered ceramic coating of the mugs is easy to clean and provides an effortless drink flow with every sip.
  • With a 12-ounce capacity, these best camping coffee mugs give you the chance to enjoy imaginative coffee on the go or fresh soup while outside on a starry night. Whatever drink you’re craving, we’ve got just the mug that matches it!

5. PAKITA Camping Coffee Mugs

  • The PAKITA camping coffee mug set features three different cup sizes for any occasion you might have: travel size at 8 ounces, general use as 12 ounces, and 32-ounce diner travel glasses.
  • Camping coffee mugs are perfect to take on your next adventure. Made of durable, light steel with a shock-absorbing lining inside, these easy-to-clean cups can be used in a camper or RV too! With a wide lip and open flame safe exterior coated in rugged yet gorgeous enamel colors, there’s no need to worry about spills.
  • A great addition to any camping gear, these mugs are made of durable plastic and come in a variety of colors. The PAKITA Camping Coffee Mugs are perfect for any type of drink while you’re on the trail or just while adventuring outdoors.
  • Whether your need is more coffee or tea this cup is practical for both! Each mug holds 500 ml of liquid which makes it easy to measure out your morning brew. It can be used as either an insulated coffee mug, water bottle, soup bowl, cappuccino cup, or even a kids hot chocolate drink mug!

6. Darware Enamel Camping Coffee Mugs

  • Darware coffee mugs are perfect companions on your next trip! Your search for functional camping coffee mugs ends with these unique porcelain pieces.
  • Equipped with a large handle that also functions as a hook or holder (so no worries about losing your grip if you’re on the move), these lightweight camp mugs will stay put wherever you need them, whether it’s out fishing, during those chilly morning hikes before sunrise, or under the summer sun. Not to mention they can also be used as regular old coffee cups – whatever fits best in any given moment!
  • Looks like the morning is going to be a cold one, but at least you can stay warm with these enamel camping coffee mugs. These large capacity 16 fluid ounce drinking vessels could hold enough hot tea, coffee, or milk to keep temps up and frost down this winter.
  • And their pop of green and blue speckles will make any beverage extra special while you’re staying outdoors this season. Just make sure your campfire doesn’t go out because these have no handles for warmth when that time comes!

7. BROVINO Stainless Steel Camping Coffee Mugs

  • BROVINO Stainless Steel Camping Coffee Mugs will keep your coffee, tea, or any other beverage hot for much longer. You can enjoy your drink without having to drink it quickly because you need to be on the go. The lid also prevents spills so that you can grab and go!
  • These Shatterproof Indestructible Steel Cups easily handle spills and can even be used as travel coffee glasses, camping coffee mugs, or outdoor glasses that you toss in your backpack before heading off to work. They also make a great Christmas gift by offering the right amount of caffeine, whether at home with family or outdoors enjoying an adventure.
  • Completely UNBREAKABLE (yes – we mean it!), these indestructible cups come with a 100% lifetime guaranteed warranty because we believe in the product enough to offer any skeptical customers peace of mind without question!

8. Essential Drinkware 14oz Ceramic Campfire Mug

  • The Essential Drinkware Campfire Mug is perfect for any outdoor enthusiasts, campers, or anyone who wants to enjoy a hot beverage in style. This sturdy mug is designed with the rustic look of an old-fashioned tin cup and features a speckled texture similar to that of burning embers.
  • Perfect for sipping tea on chilly nights or holding your favorite cowboy coffee drink while you watch the stars come out, the ceramic construction of this mug will keep your hands warm even when it’s empty! Enjoy camping? Bring along this mug so you can get more than just good food-you’ll also get great memories made around the fire!
  • When hands get cold and frosty while out on a camping trip, it can be hard to enjoy your favorite drink. But not with these 14-ounce campfire mugs! They keep big drinks, like soup or hot cocoa warm no matter the temperature outside with their sturdy walls and comfortable grip.
  • Plus they have 4 in a pack so you’ll always have an extra mug when one gets dirty from being out in the rain all day long. With any of our ceramic drinkware, you know that this is a product that will last for many years too because we use only high-quality materials!

9. Mr and Mrs Mugs – Enamel Coated Stainless Steel Camping Mugs

  • Mr and Mrs Mugs – Enamel Coated Stainless Steel Camping Mugs are perfect for your next camping road trip. Unlike other enamels “camping mugs”, our mugs are made from stainless steel, which makes them lightweight.
  • You don’t have to worry about breaking our Enamel-coated, 16 oz cups because when you’re in the middle of nowhere it’s smarter to be safe than sorry when someone spills their drink! Simply wipe it off with a damp cloth if needed. They come in lots of colors so there is something for everyone, whether you are looking for a red mug or blue mug!
  • The Mr and Mrs Coffee Mug Set (14 oz) have a delicate vintage style to it, with smooth styles and intricate designs. It is perfect for couples that love each other’s company! The mugs can be personalized by choosing from our many font options and adding the design of your choice.

10. CHILLOUT LIFE Large Thermal Camping Coffee Mugs

  • Whether you’re cooling down or heating up, this coffee mug is perfect for any occasion. Whether it be a chilly morning in the wild out in nature where the cold brew in your CHILLOUT LIFE Thermal Camping Coffee Mug can help to wake you up and get going.
  • This double-walled metal coffee cup with a handle is vacuum insulated with a premium copper lining. It maintains the temperature of your drink for much longer so you can enjoy your favorite beverage even in those colder months. The lid is not only water-tight but also durable as well as splashproof and straw-friendly so no worries about spilling on long trips!
  • And, if you forget to close it just press this sliding lock button that seals everything neatly inside the best camping coffee mug to maintain freshness overnight or until ready use. For easy cleaning, pull right out from the bottom half of the mug and pop open the top half by holding onto both sides – a piece of cake!

11. Tsyware Unbreakable Stainless Steel Camping Coffee Mug

  • Need a way to enjoy iced or warm drinks on your next camping trip? The Unbreakable Stainless Steel Camping Mugs allow you to do just that! Used as a vessel for hot coffee, iced tea, lemonade, and more the possibility with this item is endless.
  • It is measured 3.5″ in diameter and stands 3.5″ tall – perfect for all of your needs while camping such as soup dishes! Made from quality stainless steel our mug will last more than half of an average lifetime of dishware each year (based on five dish washes per day).

12. Umite Chef Stainless Steel Insulated Camping Coffee Mug

  • You love coffee and the outdoors, but sometimes you need a hot cup to keep you going through the day. The insulated mug is made for camping or any outdoor activity, with its sleek design and durable construction.
  • The trusty and chic stainless steel insulated camping coffee mug is here to keep your beverages hot for up to 10 hours. If you’re an icy beer lover or coffee addict, this non-sweat insulated coffee cup just is tailored for you.
  • Every sip comes with a dust-proof lid that avoids accidentally spilling, an extra sealed top edge providing maximum insulation capability as well a straw hole on the top so it’s never been easier to enjoy every last drop of your cold drink.
  • Made from 18/8 food-grade stainless steel, the Umie Chef is durable and easy to clean. Forget spilling your drink in plastic cups when camping, the double-wall vacuum insulation ensures they stay warm outside for hours even when they go in a freezer or fridge overnight in a cooler bag.

13. Adventure Enamel Camping Mug

  • The 16oz Adventure Enamel Camping Mug is ready to knock out any caffeine jitter or hunger pangs with its super large size and beautiful hand-painted design. It’s even designed not only as a klutzy campsite’s best friend but also as an awesome beer mug!
  • If you’re hoping to live life on the edge, here are some gifts that are sure to spice up your next adventure. The Adventure Enamel Camping Mug is perfect for any lover of big adventures or coffee lovers! Sturdy and stylish, the 16oz enamel camping mug is ready for anything.
  • It’s thicker so it can hold more liquid than traditional mugs- which means fewer refills at Starbucks! With two different designs, this mug makes an awesome his and hers gift or cozy Christmas gift for that adventurer in your life- just don’t forget a set of coasters too.

14. Create Your Space Camping Mug

  • The Create Your Space Camping Mug is perfect for all your favorite summer drinks, and several other warm goodies. 15 ounces of space-saving warmth that’s just the right size for anything you might be heating up.
  • The Create Your Space Camping Mug solves this problem with its lightweight composition. Plus it features a sleek enamel coating for an extra touch of charm. Whether it’s camping or road-tripping, the 15 oz mug is perfect for all your traveling needs!
  • And with durable construction and several designs to choose from, this mug is sure to become an instant family favorite! So take those cozy campfire fantasies wherever you go…isn’t life better around the fire?

15. Tounuta Enamel Bonfire Camping Mug

  • Tounuta Enamel Bonfire Camping Mug is the ultimate coffee cup that will keep your hands safe from burns during a traditional campfire event. Not only does this mug provide insulation for your hot drink, but it also resists stains and has the ability to withstand rough use due to its high-quality metal construction.
  • Its U-shaped handle provides an ergonomic grip making it easier for those chilly mornings as you enjoy a comforting brew by the warming fire! This durable product comes in various colors to suit your individual style preference and ensuring you leave with a brand new favorite mug on every camping trip!
  • This is the perfect campfire mug for any outdoor or indoor gathering, with a unique color that is sure to wake up your morning drink. The Tounuta Enamel Bonfire Camping Mug cups are suitable for hot and cold drinks, oven safe (Make sure not to touch the surface of the painted side when heating up), and can be heated directly in most gas stovetops.

How to Choose the Best Camping Coffee Mug

Camping coffee mugs are a fantastic addition to any camper’s backpack. They’re sturdy, lightweight, and ideal for sipping on coffee or tea as you plan your adventure for the day. In this article, we’ll discuss how to choose the best camp coffee mug based on size, lid type, insulation, and more. When it’s time to stock up for your next trip into the woods, use our helpful guide to help you decide which camping coffee mug is right for you:

Size Matters

First and foremost, it’s important to consider what you’ll be using your camping coffee mug for. If you’re like most campers, you want the ability to sip on your favorite hot beverage while out in the wilderness. For that reason, we suggest opting for a large-sized camping mug. Whether you prefer coffee or tea doesn’t matter; all that matters is that you get a cup that can hold plenty of liquid to help keep you warm and cozy throughout your morning routine!

Insulation Type

Next, think about the insulation type offered by each product. There are three main insulation types: air, vacuum, and double-wall construction with foam or plastic interior. Air-insulated mugs need only an outer shell to keep liquids warm. This is ideal for campers looking to save weight or who want a simple, easy-to-clean mug. Vacuum insulated mugs are very popular because they keep coffee hot for several hours without burning your hands.

They’re also great at keeping coffee warm overnight if you plan on waking up to enjoy your morning cup of joe before the long hike out. The third insulation type, double-walled with foam or plastic interior, features two layers of metal – similar to what’s found in traditional coffee carafes. These mugs are incredibly durable and can be opened using one hand thanks to their hinged design.


Think about what material best fits your needs when choosing a camping coffee mug. The most common materials include stainless steel and plastic; we recommend opting for stainless steel coffee mugs to ensure the best insulation and durability. Unfortunately, they’re not dishwasher safe. Plastic camping mugs are less expensive than their metal counterparts and can easily be tossed into your backpack thanks to their lightweight design. Some even come with lids to help prevent spills when you’re on the go.

Lid Type

There are several lid types available depending on your preference: hinged or screw-off lids, and coffee or sip lids. If you’re looking for the best camping mug that will keep your beverages hot until noon and beyond, we suggest opting for a product with a flip lid. For campers wanting to enjoy their drink on the go, look for mugs with sippy lids or hinged screw-off lids. These options are incredibly convenient when it comes time to pack up your gear and head home!


Of course, let’s not forget about the budget! Keep in mind how much you’d like to spend on your new favorite item before checking out our list below. We’ve hand-selected several of our favorite products at different price points so there’s something for every camper’s budget!

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Why are enamel mugs good for camping?

Enamel mugs are better camping mugs when compared to other types of mugs because they can withstand heat from a campfire or stovetop. They usually come in bright colors, which are easier to spot in your pack when you need them. You can easily clean the mug with a scrubby and soap. Some also have a folding handle that makes them easy to pack along with you without taking up too much space.

2. Are metal camping cups dishwasher safe?

Some metal camping cups can be washed in a dishwasher at home, but only some. It’s more common to hand wash it and dry it by hand. Check the company website to see if they recommend washing it in a dishwasher before you go camping.

3. Are camping coffee mugs worth the money?

This is really up to you! They aren’t necessarily cheap – but there are plenty of affordable options out there for those willing to search a bit. The main thing about these products is that they help individuals enjoy their hot or cold beverages without having to worry about safety issues or spilling accidents. If consider yourself clumsy with normal cups, then it’s definitely a good idea to invest in one of these!


With the right coffee mug, you can enjoy your morning cup of joe no matter where you are. The 15 best camping coffee mugs on this list will keep your drink hot and tasty while out in nature with friends or family members. Is there a favorite among these top picks? Let us know!

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