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7 Best 48-inch Gas Cooktops Reviews of 2021 You Can Buy

Best 48-inch Gas Cooktop

If you are in the market for a new cooktop, then this blog post is for you. We will discuss what to look for when choosing a cooktop and list some of the best 48-inch gas cooktops on the market today. Be sure to have your pen handy as we go through all of these features!

The best 48-inch gas cooktop is one of the most popular types because they’re great for cooking large meals and provide plenty of power and control over heat levels. Plus, these models are typically easier to clean than electric or induction models. You really can’t go wrong with this type!

List of 7 Best 48-inch Gas Cooktops Reviews

1. ZLINE 48 in. Rangetop with 8 Gas Burners

  • The ZLINE Rangetop is perfect for any chef; budding or advanced! This 6 burner range top comes with the convenience of preheats in four minutes, easy-to-read knobs, and has a durable oven-safe porcelain enamel top. Great for preparing your favorite dish.
  • This standout cooktop packs a punch with 8 powerful burners ranging from 4,200 to 18,000 BTU’s. Made of heavy-duty Italian porcelain, it will last for years and is easy to clean. And when you’re done cooking up something delicious, detach the stainless steel burner caps in seconds for an instant clean-up!
  • The ZLINE 48 in. Rangetop provides you with an ultra-hot, easy to clean cooking surface, professional quality grill when you need it most. Manufactured from one piece of solid cast iron and outfitted with 8 Italian Burners for maximal permeability, this is the ultimate weekday warrior team player for any kitchen! Bring the flavor into your home today!

2. Empava 48 in. Pro-Style Professional Slide-in Natural Gas Rangetop

  • The Empava 48 in. Pro-Style Professional Slide-in Natural Gas Rangetop was designed and engineered in the USA with 2 years of us-based manufacture, exceeds the industry standard for an exceptional level of quality. This gas range top is compatible to install above any Empava 24/30 in.
  • The stainless steel griddle complemented with stainless steel handles brings you a powerful 15, 000 BTU of cooking power, cooks evenly across the entire surface thanks to infrared technology and it’s supported by a commercial-grade gas stove with quick-change burners for a reliable solid.
  • The Empava 48 in. Pro-Style Professional Slide-in Natural Gas Rangetop offers unparalleled control and safety with its one-piece gas range top that includes a recessed design to protect children from burns, cast-iron cooking grates for exceptional heat distribution, and controls work seamlessly with this beautiful cooktop surface.
  • The heavy cast-iron grates are designed for home cooks who want professional features without having to spend tens of thousands on an installed commercial kitchen system. A flat black porcelain drip pan is included to catch any excess oil or grease while you cook up fantastic meals with your new cooker.

3. NXR SCT4811 48″ Pro-Style Natural Gas Cooktop

  • The NXR SCT4811 48″ Pro-Style Natural Gas Cooktop is constructed to handle both heavy-duty cooking and delicate recipes. With 6 German single-stack burners, the NXR SCT4811 product can withstand even larger cookware, making it ideal for large commercial kitchens. The high-power 18 000 BTUs provide ample simmering capability for sauces or dishes that require lower heat settings.
  • NXR Pro-style natural gas cooktop is the perfect kitchen upgrade for serious cooks. Don’t be fooled by its professional design; this 48″ range top is no trouble at all to clean thanks to the sleek stainless steel construction and cast iron cooking grates, including 3′ flat ones that will let you efficiently move large pots of food without having to lift them which can result in injury and burns. These heavy-duty cooking grates offer both durability and easy cleaning – no more scrubbing! Cook is like a pro with NXR.

4. Thor kitchen HRT4806U 48-inch Gas Rangetop/CookTop

  • The Thor Kitchen HRT4806U 48-inch Gas Cooktop is the best solution for cooking up a feast. With 3 single burners and 3 dual burners, it’s capable of serving up to 12 people simultaneously! The stainless steel griddle dish offers flexibility with 18000 BTUs on offer. Upgrade your stove today with this high specification rangehood that will cook anything without risk of smoke leakage into the air or splashing over the oven door!
  • Because cooking with gas is so much more efficient than electricity, you can be sure that your time in the kitchen will be worth it. You’ll cook like a professional chef with this stainless steel top and parts within budget.
  • When you want a high-end look for your kitchen, get this stainless steel gas range top/cooktop. We’ll include an lp conversion kit for free with purchase and shipping will come together so you don’t have to worry. With 2 year warranty on parts and labor, this has got it all.

5. ZLINE RTB-48 48 in. Porcelain Rangetop

  • Show off your culinary flair with the ZLINE RTB-48 48 in. Porcelain Rangetop. The handcrafted, high-quality design is imported straight from Italy for the utmost satisfaction that will please even the pickiest foodies! With catalytic ignition that removes flare-ups and easy to detach parts for an easy clean-up afterward, this range top is perfect for any cook with a passion.
  • You don’t want to get on the wrong side of this range. With the new ZLINE RTB-48 Porcelain Rangetop, you’ll be cooking like a pro in no time! The ceramic surface is easy to clean and nonporous – perfect for your cookware, plus it stands up against scratches in even your most high-heat cooking environment.
  • And when you’re done with dinner, cleanup is just as easy thanks to its solid piece cast iron grill that can provide healthy cooking options for years. This powerful stove has 7 burners that are searing hot so any pan can come alive with flames in an instant! Get yourself one today to experience culinary perfection – contact us now because these are going quickly!

6. HRT4806U 48″ Gas Rangetop Cover NG/LPG Fuel 6 Burners

  • The HRT4806U 48″ Gas Rangetop Cover NG/LPG Fuel 6 Burners is the perfect addition to any kitchen setup – stylish, functional, and sturdy. The 18,000BTUs are more than enough for all your cooking needs! Plus the stainless steel griddle provides even more quick-heating surface space so you can multitask on both ends of this impressive range.
  • This rangetop cover is equipped with a 430SS control panel that buttons up just about everything right in one place. Leave yourself some wiggle room with 7 high-quality Zinc alloy control knobs that let you adjust the flame size while remaining easy to reach when you’re in a hurry!
  • With 3 Blue LED lights, your pesky knobs are easily seen in any condition. The adjustable foot height will meet the needs of any chef – even if you have an atrocious kitchen. There’s no need to worry about not being able to cook with LPG/NG!
  • With 5 heat settings and 6 burners for cooking anything your heart desires, this range is perfect for anyone looking to improve their range game! This product has a sleek design which makes it fit right in with its surroundings and make cooking more enjoyable. It also comes with 2 years warranty (part replacement).

7. Cosmo DFR486G 48 inch Freestanding Dual Fuel Range

  • This 48-inch range from Cosmo is a beautiful addition to modern kitchens. The five oven functions and the full metal nickel-finished knobs will top off any kitchen, but with two powerful burners, a stainless steel electric self-cleaning oven, and a radiant cooking element that can be adjusted for higher or lower temperatures on both sides of the burning grates, you’ll be more than up to anything your meal requires.
  • Cosmo DFR486G 48 inch Freestanding Dual Fuel Range produces up to 13,000 BTU of cooking power. This range features 5 oven functions including bake, turbo, broil, convection bake, and convection broil for any culinary delight. Measures 48″ (W) x 27.5″ (L) x 36″ – 38.5″ (H).
  • Whether you’re boiling eggs, frying bacon, or searing steak, this stove does it all. The large oven can fit two baking sheets at the same time it would take to bake one in a freestanding oven. Plus, six burners allow you to get more creative with your cooking styles and make more dishes at once without the need for an additional range next to your stovetop. Get your kitchen jobs done quickly and efficiently with this Freestanding Dual Fuel Range from Cosmo DFR486G.

How to Choose the Best 48-inch Gas Cooktop

A 48-inch gas cooktop will likely become the focal point of your kitchen. It’s big, it’s beautiful, and you get to play with fire. Like I’ve said before, choosing the best appliance is all about matching up your own personal preferences with the product that offers them at a fair price. This advice still applies when dealing with gas cooktops. Of course, there are other issues to consider too – safety being an important one. But for once I’m going to leave my usual rant about buying appliances or from friends so you can skip right ahead…


The thing you need most in a 48-inch gas cooktop is power. More BTUs means more heat and that’s what you want to cook food quickly and evenly. The number of BTUs just about says it all – higher numbers mean more heat. But keep in mind that BTU is not the only factor here – having burners of different sizes (besides the large one in front) will allow you to take full advantage of really high power levels. And if you like to do things like boil water or stir fry lots of veggies then it might be worth looking for something with an additional wok burner. Usually, these are set below the main one, but they’re still very powerful.


If I had my way this would begin with height since that’s what affects how many pots/pans can fit on top at once, but I’m not writing this post. So here’s what you need to know about the size of your new 48-inch gas cooktop – how much counter space do you have? If you’re replacing an existing appliance then chances are it won’t fit so consider buying one that does. Of course, counter depth is also important but let’s face it, most people don’t remodel their kitchen every time they want a different appliance so think about how close it will be before committing to anything too big/small.


Now we get into personal preference… Choose from a smooth top or sealed burner. Smooth tops make cleaning easier and look more modern, sealed burners are durable and reduce spills from getting under the surface of the cooking. And finally, choose between built-in and free-standing. Built-in look sleek but take a little more planning, free-standing is easier to buy and replace if it breaks down.


Having an appliance that’s safe for you and your family is important whatever model you choose, but especially so when dealing with 48-icnh gas cooktops… You should always make sure the control knobs are turned away from traffic areas of the house where toddlers might run into them. And keep them far enough back from the edge that they can’t be pulled off by someone leaning on it or using a chair to climb up.


Gas is all about safety too – never install a gas line without first having a professional come out and check it over. It should have enough pressure coming in to support the appliances you plan to use. Check out your local regulations too – some villages have rules about how far away from other buildings natural gas lines must be installed.


I’m not going to lie, this is where you should expect to pay the most. It’s a serious investment after all, but paying more doesn’t always mean you’re getting a better product so try your best not to get sucked into the trap of buying the first one you see because it has all the features you think that you need. I’ve heard people say that price is indicative of quality but that doesn’t hold true in every case. Usually, if two products are priced very similarly then they’re both pretty equal in terms of quality and performance – sometimes even giving one another a run for their money! If possible find out what each brand offers before making your choice or read reviews. Doing this will help make sure that there are no hidden costs or problems. If you’re not sure about the brand then it’s really best to buy one that is well recognized for quality and long-lasting products.

Cooktop vs. Rangetop


You might be wondering which type of gas cooktop is the best. If you want a versatile, easy-to-clean appliance that will provide plenty of power and control over heat levels for cooking large meals, then a 48-inch gas cooktop may be your answer. Plus they’re typically cheaper than electric or induction models! Check out our list below to see some great options from top brands like Viking and KitchenAid before making a decision on what size model would work best in your kitchen.

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